What kind of user experience is consistent with the search engine needs to experience three

an article we mainly introduced and analyzed the content of user needs, and the content of this article we mainly study the common to most users, they introduce products, specifications, prices are what kind of value orientation, and one of the words of this is many webmaster headache problem, because Internet users are capricious, they are often not able to seize the mainstream ideology, and this paper is to teach the webmaster to catch the main user demand products, specifications, prices below into the mainstream, theme. read more

Whether or not we should look at the actual password to read the Shanghai dragon circle status

what enlightenment?

: a teacher taught the students why different.

we all know a teacher to teach students the same, why people will have 100 points, one would get 10 points? Similarly, we all know that Shanghai dragon combat password, believe that there are a lot of people buying this book, even read the book. Why there is no effect. In fact, the reason is very simple, because we do not know how to think. Most of the learners just executed, according to the book’s operation to imagine: we don’t have people that no other resources, huge contacts circle, then we use the method of operation can achieve what effect? Teaching book, why do we stand, do you have the effect. We can have other ways? Because of everyone’s laziness, just in the transcription, and no real understanding, not to think. So we just read, not really to read. read more

Do website traffic monitoring by the noble baby Analytics tools

!This paper consists of method! According to the

four, keyword analysis

two, website traffic analysis

, GA: https://accounts.贵族宝贝/ServiceLoginAuth

three, the user viscosity analysis

for you

next let us look at what users see on our website in

before and after the set time of the inquiry, you can analyze your website traffic sources in the period, in turn down: through the search engine traffic from other sites; through traffic to bring referrals through direct access to traffic. read more

Depth analysis of the chain for the influence of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

more High quality ?The so-called

, the first thing to understand, what is the chain of

chain to explain, for example: if there is a link to their sites on another site, then this link is called the chain website.

four, how to get the chain

to improve the site weightSite weight

two, the chain for the role of

How to chain

depth analysis of the chain for Shanghai dragon optimization

we usually say that the PR value, is a kind of method for determining "level, the importance of Google launched a web site, the PR value can also reflect the quality of the site and welcomed by users, the PR value calculation method is a very complex process, but no algorithm how the chain of PR algorithm plays a decisive role. A website to get higher PR value, there must be a certain amount of high quality the chain, or the chain enough, love the stars that high quality of the chain is better than the effect to high PR value and better stability at the same time. read more

The new trend of network marketing GOMX conference search marketing is king

May 2013 29-30, 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference (hereinafter referred to as GOMX) will be held in Wuxi. Among them, the search engine marketing session held in May 30th, from the summer easy network, and Netconcepts, Jindo, tiantuo Wen Jun and other well-known information network marketing service providers would search marketing KPI, Shanghai dragon how to win a large number of customers, such as SEM and Shanghai Longfeng organic combination, search and social data mining etc. a series of search marketing topics do wonderful keynote speeches and experience sharing. This is the second win time to organize another search marketing search engine marketing conference in Hangzhou in April after the exchange event. read more

The new era of Shanghai dragon coming areyouready

how to find your website value? I believe everyone for their industry is very understanding, so it is necessary to dig out the maximum user needs your industry users, and other sites are not satisfied, for the home value in the website to give the most eye-catching display, giving amplification. Then the user is very love on this site, you also worry about your website ranking to

so, why did this happen? The reason lies in the "four financial software website for free download" has its own unique value of the site that is "free download, free training, free installation." This is not provided by other websites. We through the common user needs mining method, it is not difficult to see that the user needs the maximum for the word "financial software" is "financial software free download". The other is the website does not provide this, even if it is provided, in the face of this page zoom value. read more

Website optimization strategy six site positioning common mistakes

has a good analysis of user groups, to do targeted content and build targeted marketing network. Don’t expect a website to win all the users, it is unrealistic, I >

in the previous article, Zhang Dong introduced the basic overview of the site location, but still have a lot of friends in the site location is unclear, misunderstandings will fall in some website positioning, resulting in less effective or even futile, so today Zhang Dong as we analysis some common website positioning errors. read more

The PR0 website and how easily PR3 and above Links exchange site

our company for a new domain in mid June last year, the company also decided to discuss later abandoned before the domain name, use the new domain name as the official website of the company now. The construction site, we do a lot of work to do to understand the industry and the company brand deeply, current situation and development trend of the industry for example, site planning, program planning, structure optimization, advantages and disadvantages of the main competitors, we emphases and creative points and so on, so that our hearts have a clear idea and understanding, so as to have more confidence to the website design Jinghang technology and operating well, do the brand and service concept into the minds of customers. read more

Webmaster for love Shanghai collection

: Wuhan Shanghai dragon Du ice blog, please indicate the source, thank you! Category: network optimization starting address: 贵族宝贝xyboys贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon /33.html

webmaster, Hello, a Links and love Shanghai, I recently QQ often receive a similar message, I understand Links exchange, but the change of love Shanghai, first listen, at first I didn’t understand each other, what does that mean, after a minute, I should come back the other, may say is love Shanghai share, in order to confirm, I ask each other, you say is not love each other to share Shanghai ah, I reply: "yes! The other meaning is: the use of Shanghai to share the love in the love of Shanghai, share each other’s website, increase the number of love Shanghai read more

Zhang Qing from the point of the importance of the five key words


today and we explore the importance of keyword research, choose good keywords, and keywords to do the optimization, in order to bring potential users access to your site.

second, keyword research can make your information is always on the Internet;

English originated from "Keywords", especially in the production of single media indexes, the use of vocabulary. Is the vocabulary of Library science. Keyword search is one of the main methods of web search index, the specific name is hope visitors to understand the product or service or companies and other terms. If you want to make your website a success, IP to the number of words, keyword research is one of the most urgent need to master the skills. Keywords Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to do first is to optimize the study on you. read more

The updated algorithm mechanism marketing also trusted you

can be.

enterprises are trying to marketing, it is because the marketing can give a certain value of the enterprise, the operation of the site is every week original soft, soft marketing operation, bring to the site of the original text is profitable, in the algorithm update, the author is very calm in the face of the effect of soft marketing, and not following the stop marketing, webmaster do Shanghai dragon needs the correct understanding of the algorithm, the algorithm is not against the original high quality soft, soft Wen is still prominent in various methods of marketing marketing, still can bring the corresponding profit for the enterprise. The example for everyone to see marketing bring enterprise value: read more

There is no need to add nofollow tags Links when doing business website

is now used to exchange, Links, sent to the other station, the first thing is to view the source file, ctrl+F search has no nofollow, followed by the webmaster tools to check the chain, whois information etc..


later with the increase of working hours, their own learning, found some problems, some Links by other websites with nofollow tags, like this: < a; href= "贵族宝贝example贵族宝贝/" rel= "nofollow" > here is the anchor text of < /a>. Nofollow label nobility baby explanation given is: When sees the attribute rel= "noble baby nofollow" on hyperlinks, those links won t get any credit when "we rank websites in our search results. is found to contain the baby once noble properties of hyperlinks (" rel=nofollow "), the link will not be as a site evaluation in the search results ranking basis. read more

To summarize the experience of optimization when do the new Laosheng

than the old station as the weight, the same article old station ranking is much higher than that in the new station, new station is always in low potential, so be sure to do original, pseudo original published in the content of this, the only way you can have the opportunity to go beyond the old Shanghai station, let love give you a high quality score, I love Shanghai love on the original content.


now with the development of the Internet age, the new station is more and more, there are a lot of old webmaster optimization from a website to a website now, for these new optimization is also under the foot work, after all this time will not casually 05,06 a website almost all can have a good ranking, then the face now in the "crazy state of love Shanghai" and a high weight of the old station, the new station based on how, how to optimize Shanghai dragon? Laosheng is today on this topic to share with you my recent experience many new, I hope useful for everyone. read more

To commemorate the chain lost

as an optimization personnel, Thursday the day is let people have joy and sadness. I came to the office the first thing is no exception, see Thursday after my website. Don’t know, a look surprised! My site outside the chain has plunged more than 10 thousand! This is like a ring from a bolt from the blue, in my head, I began to suspect that this set in the spring season, the snow in Shandong is not for me?

2. is often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes

error can hardly be avoided, I think every webmaster in optimize your site, have wondered if we can find a shortcut to let their site ranking, I thought at least once absorbed, in fact, the starting point of an idea is wrong, there is no shortcut to success, but the error each person can not avoid, we may use the means of cheating will not go directly to the optimization process, but will we optimize to contact this kind of means, these means are despised by the search engine, this is a reminder that we in the optimization process. read more

The noble baby search began to support bitcoin price conversion function

bitcoin craze seems to have regression trend, following the previous Apple relax policy, now the same noble baby in the search results into a bitcoin price conversion function.

a month ago, there are rumors that Finance will exchange the nobility baby Coinbase platform for cooperation with bitcoin, bitcoin prices released converter, allowing the currency conversion and all over the world. Now the noble baby spokesman confirmed the news, saying the new function is also available in the mobile phone application. read more

Three novel chain mode you don’t know


, before we start

1, the chain inspector

, Shanghai dragon operation must not just use a strategy to keep mixing is to use a variety of strategies, remember this sentence, not only has a method for the construction of the chain. Because of this, you will soon set up a lot of the chain is not natural, the chain have obvious law, not only easy to search engine punishment, also easily imitated by competitors and analysis. Then you find that your hard work is a direct imitation of the object to the opponent. read more

Mom how blue oceanRobin Li the 4 way of thinking in the A era has little chance of moving

      there is Ali’s mother, is a difficult problem for the advertising alliance, a short time is difficult for the old Ali mother advertising by threats, approaching the Ali Mama is not a long time, reputation effect and economic dependence have not reached the webmaster, but after all, as a very characteristic there is a lot of money, and the background of the title of the company, Ali mother is very competitive in the market, then the next 08 years, between the mother of Ali and advertising alliance, will enter. read more

Yue you see online advertising rogue software Media trendsHead pointing T industry

in the rapid development of information technology today, as business leaders how to lead the enterprise to win in the fierce competition in the market to maintain a competitive advantage, the key has become the enterprise core competitive power. This article lists the head of five enterprises of ideas, hoping to help you.

three years track

"knowledge" and "reputation" is the entrepreneur in the enterprise management and the management practice guidelines.


manufacturers and markets show that Chinese management software development has entered a new stage. For the UF, this may be a new three year journey.

The transformation of

ERP has many users of

read more

2016 Alipay bills refresh my circle of friends do year end will you reallyOn the position of CPS adv

2015 entertainment Biography

The first public number

watercress, 2015 annual list

Shuabing effect cannot and 15 years "and" the story of my WeChat comparable, but their users attention has extremely dispersed environment, still can make such a very good communication effect, this is enough to make the operation of year-end engineered this thing seriously.

synthesis above several points, CPS advertisement in China’s cold shoulder also can imagine. But as an earnest do stand webmaster, I hope the white advertising alliance can be audit extent of CPS ads increase now advertising, CPS advertising is not required to audit, you can put CPS ads appear in, formal website, to give consumers a good impression. I believe in the China online shopping environment increasingly enhanced, CPS ads can give us new hope Everbright station, become the pillar of our income read more

Seven ways to make money onlineHow can you really make money through the nternet

This kind of a popular

2, this paper lists all way to make money online, whether I have tried, is not important; whether the violation of some traditional moral norms, is not important; whether the alleged speculation is not important; this is the only important, whether the readers have reference value. Useful, reference on the line, and no use, then please close the browser window, forget this article, do not spit saliva criticism, there is criticism of the effort, to help others or enhance themselves. This article is for people who want to see and need to see it. read more