Links platform is not really useful

two, Links platform also includes more management tools webmaster needed

Links platform in addition to providing the webmaster to find suitable Links site, itself is a high quality of the chain resources, as long as the Links platform, automatically generate a separate page with information about the site will add a high-quality permanent site outside the chain of resources.

such as go9go, integrity link platform, the site itself is a very high weight, the release of information after the next general webmaster will find has become self. read more

Note special station maintenance and optimization

to two times, the last time the middle, depending on the situation, but must be based on user experience as the principle, to be reasonable in both smooth and easy circumstances into. Generally about 800 words of articles, keywords appear 3 to 5 times in 3% to 5% of the best density.

1. content

for daily maintenance and optimization of the webmaster website is familiar, basically every day doing the same thing, sometimes feel tired, however, what is the way? Who let us choose the industry, with the industry? Although the webmaster of daily maintenance special station is very familiar with, but the A5 group or Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and Optimization on this issue and everyone is talking about, just want to join the novice webmaster help. read more

Nantong Shanghai Dragon how to survive in the competition how to transition evolution

The so-called

2, the original site outside the chain

1, domain name age

1, outside the chain

chain for the king, the contents of the emperor. The content of this also reflects its importance. It can be said that a website is not.

, two acquired factorsThe accumulation of

during delete, it is not in the domain name age, so some website history is not to calculate the age of the domain name. That is to say, you need to hold the domain name change will not delete, or purchased from others (the domain name is one of my friends to me. read more

To choose the site from Shanghai dragon angle domain name space and program

come to talk about what are the requirements for the site of Shanghai Longfeng space. Starting from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the requirement of space is stable. Stability refers to the speed of the stability and the time stability and speed requirements as soon as possible, if a users click on a web site, after tens of seconds or even minutes are not open, he will click on the upper right corner of the × so, the search engine, it considers a network station if open speed slow, the user experience is not good, will not give good rankings website. In time, if the site often isn’t open, the search engine will not give him too good rankings. read more

n 2015 A5 marketing new year sun Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo

4, don’t let the website become a "fraud", some are induced to click on ads, some misleading users to download, there is "hanging deceptive" like some "illegal gambling, legend, erotic * *" of every hue site, do the "enterprise information". These are serious cheating, even the police will be big brother uncle away! Here is a simple example:

1, don’t let the website become a "cheating site", many owners often do not want to cheat, but cheating, the final site is down right. Just a few days ago a customer asked me: "if love in the Shanghai library to highlight the hidden hyperlink can not?" the answer is no, cheating and cheating is petty suffer a great deal, also used in the above read more

Mobile search giant layout commercial limited to PPC need multi legged walking

in 2014, UC teamed up with ALI strong push what search, and yesterday, Ali announced a merger with UC, UC will become Ali’s business department, for the entire Ali UC mobile as the vanguard, not only in the mobile search on development. Yu Yongfu said in a TechWeb interview yesterday, the future of mobile search is the ability of technological innovation and data.

and PC side, the mobile terminal for the dependence of the search is not urgent, the user can complete the required services through independent APP, each of the vertical segments are more than mobile search can solve the needs of users. read more

recommend the novice to learn Shanghai Longfeng learning ideas and learning process

The first

I think that everything has a learning environment and learning atmosphere, it is the key to consciously, as long as they look for things, to choose their own learning platform for you to create a good learning environment is the first thing that I study in Shanghai when the Dragon Phoenix two selected a platform for you now is to see the webmaster nets, there is very extensive knowledge, I suggest you learn early enough to search the forum and tutorial section, when reading other people the more analysis and summary, the nouns do not understand down or go to consult or ask your colleagues forum or senior, before another good the why platform is the Shanghai dragon inside the learning atmosphere is very good, is a very clean forum, but the self clean the whole paper A downward trend in Chapter quality, they do not understand the Dragon why can go to the Shanghai question, when learning network knowledge of Shanghai dragon why and webmasters enough to satisfy your learning needs, following their own in the purchase of some such as Shanghai dragon combat password combining with the study that is a very good learning atmosphere. read more

How to prevent hacker attacks small website

hackers can take part in different kinds of attacks or full control of a website. Generally speaking, the most common and the most dangerous is the implantation of SQL (injection) and cross site scripting (XSS cross-site scripting). SQL implantation is a malicious code in the network application, in order to achieve the purpose of using illegal control of database security vulnerability database level. This technique is very powerful, it can manipulate the URL (query string) or any other form (search, login, email) to malicious code. You can in the web application security Consortium (English) found in some examples about SQL implantation. To avoid such a hacker attack indeed. For example, adding a "middle layer" is a very good practice in between front-end and back-end database interface. In PHP, PDO (PHP Data Objects) and usually extended parameters (sometimes called placeholder or bound variables) to work, rather than directly to the user input as a command statement. Another very simple technique is the character escape, in this way, all can directly affect the risk character database structure can be escaped. For example, parameters of every single quotes "[] must be replaced with two single quotes []" to form a valid SQL string. This is just two you can take, the most commonly used to improve the site safety and effective way to avoid the SQL implantation. You can also find many other resources on the Internet to meet your needs (Web application programming language specific, etc.). Here we want to introduce is cross site scripting (XSS) technology. Cross site scripting is a security vulnerability by using network application level, the malicious code in Web technology. When dealing with network application input data obtained by the user, and in return to the end user without any further examination or verification, this attack could happen. You can in the web application security Consortium (English) found in some cross site scripting examples. There are many ways to ensure that network applications will not be violated this technique. Including some simple and feasible method to remove can be inserted into the form of the input data (for example, in the PHP strip tags function); the use of data encoding, to avoid direct implantation of potentially malicious characters (for example, in the PHP htmlspecialchars function > read more

n 2011 the owners how to do their own site

High quality

, update the high quality articles

two, looking for high quality Links

1. the weight of the station with the snapshot update frequency snapshot not just result in weight. I go to the following example, fell in love with the sea search and surveillance cameras, in addition to love their own products in Shanghai, ranked in the top three as follows:

I do weight?

has nothing to do with the weight of 2. included. This is a lot of people misunderstood, that included the more the higher the weight, I in the exchange links also encountered such a situation, I included a little. " read more

Look at the site in the thermodynamic diagram requires a combination of search keywords to see the e

, another point is that we look at the heat map must pay attention to those who are not on the website click on the content, if the link down a month have not clicked by the user. Maybe this is not really needed by the user, delete should be deleted, the column is the same, if the data proved that this section of your site is really no click, then you have to find a way to get rid of or improvement. Because the overall quality of the spam only drag down a web site, for example, your home has 100 links, 20 Click to click, then 20%. If your home is only 20 links, ten were hit, the hit rate is fifty percent. This is better than home has 100 links only 20 on the website, search engines will think so. > read more

Analysis on unique little webmaster website layout

This is Although

many sites within the chain are random links, anchor text, there is a direct automatic generation in the chain, the purpose is very simple: to search engine guide. So why in the chain may exist? More before in the role of the chain is to make the search engine better grab site, enhance the anchor text ranking, and now in the role of individual chain that more should be to guide the user to the user’s effective recommendation. The different links between articles, can use the relevant recommendation, popular articles, the latest articles guide to another article page, but must be relevant; also can appear to different page links in the content, but to be meaningful, is to guide users, recommended to the user, not hard to join a little bit of love Shanghai Wikipedia link has done a very good job. The inside pages do not appear on the homepage of the link, when it is necessary, the content of the page can add home page links, other cases are not necessary, because the user in the content page want to return to the home page click on the navigation button, the page has a guide page, add this is not necessary, only your navigation system. Some people will say that the home page to do a keyword anchor text to the other, so in the content page to join the anchor text pointing to the home page, the home page ranking promotion keywords. read more

Some advice after the site right down

outside the chain of importance, can not talk about. How to send the chain, or the number of tasks you do every day, you still copy and paste? The chain of resources or good outside chain release techniques, there is no expression, after all, well-developed network of people everywhere to share. Here are some ideas:

Tags property is very important, but also has a great impact on the optimization ranking. With the continuous change of the search engine ranking system, the website title and description of influence is not reduced, can also be subdivided into: home page, channel and content pages. Many webmaster for work, take over a new site, the first thing is to prepare to change the title, this is wrong. You know, the title of the site is the name of the person you want to change the name and then sent to the simple read more

Case analysis the site was restored one month after K

(Figure 2. shows September 7th love Shanghai Meng website content)

site was K, the first thing I do is to increase the update module on the website. Love Shanghai algorithm for web content updates, given considerable weight, this is the site most lacking, ensure timely update is to attract the spider climb take capital. Add module after it every day to update the 1-2 article, not to say each one is 100% original, at least after deep processing, make only superficial changes.

data because no reservation has been unable to find. Until September 6th, our love is still in Shanghai included 0. K to the sea is love not left, we do the following things. Speak before want to introduce a pen by the K site. The site with almost all static page generation, appearance is not good, but because of various reasons, has not yet to be improved. N long site is not in the basic state of renewal, but because of the chain accumulation and Months and years pass by. white hat Shanghai dragon brings the website keywords natural ranking is quite good. Key words basically can industry keywords and web site on the home page ranking not, until August 13. read more

See the search engine optimization from the angle of competition

imagine, if a keyword related website is only two, it is not necessary to engage in Shanghai Longfeng work, must be ranked in the search results before two. But if the keywords associated with this site is 200, so if the row in the second page, there are certain difficulties. Therefore, the essence of Shanghai dragon is not technology, but is that the competition mechanism.

competition rules is the algorithm in love >

environment? The number of people, everybody is in a what level. If it is a "slow" class, everyone is learning all day long, careless and casual, just a little hard, very easy to website keyword search results front. On the contrary, if it is in a "top class", everyone in it, so it is not easy to top. Similarly, if it is a "small", the head is not difficult. If it is a "large", the competition is fierce. This is the competition environment. For example, the move is a fierce competition, and participate in the enterprise is very much, in addition, many companies are also in the Shanghai dragon, so, want to get good rankings in moving this keyword results, is not easy. And "carrying" is to provide services for enterprises, need certain equipment and professional services, engaged in this industry enterprises engaged in moving less than the enterprise, the optimization of the difficulty may be smaller. read more

How fast will be built after the website keyword row to the forefront of Shanghai love

company website construction, one of the key targets we each site is the site keywords in the search engine rankings and bring the conversion and volume. How can we achieve the expected effect and the ideal site rankings? Please look at the example analysis and the experience of Shenzhen website construction company Jinghang technology to share, thank you for reading.

second, regular quantitative update site article, original and pseudo original can be indexed by search engines, but we need to pay attention to some skills. As the website construction industry news, first is to choose what we want the news information through love Shanghai and Google news search page, the news headlines do change, the best starting keyword, the front is better, the article at the beginning and end part own description and summary, appropriate nature of the web site keywords and super chain. The related news page keywords or do internal links, so that a pseudo original article easily completed, and Google will also love Shanghai when the website updated or included the new content, we believe that as long as the timing quantitative update website regularly, search engine spiders will crawl to you the website according to the law, to ensure the site every time something available to them, the website weight will soon upgrade up, love Shanghai snapshot Regularly updated web site keywords ranking will also increase stability. The best is not our goal, but to each visitor into real customers. read more

Practical case Shanghai dragon website structure optimization

> 19 inch LCD TV; 贵族宝贝 domain /products/42/ (where "42" is the ID call, following similarly)

贵族宝贝 domain ms.html


贵族宝贝 domain /product/258.html

D. product page:

C. column page:


site optimization, most of my friends all know is divided into two parts, one is the physical structure of the site optimization, but the website logical structure optimization.

do not understand the Shanghai dragon website technology for NO?! it is because of this, Shanghai dragon Er, has not yet begun in-depth or in the work content is not exposed to more technology level, technology level is mainly internal website optimization on the one hand, combined with the related work I’m doing, my article in the form of case sharing website structure optimization. In my own view, do Shanghai dragon, can not but for technology development, technology must understand. read more

Quick solution for web site keywords instability

: the first search engine algorithm actually changes every day, but there must be a period of time is a big adjustment, so how are we going to resist such adjustments to harm it, or by means of cheating, honest do stand, can be a reference in the optimization search engine optimization recommendations, or to some forum place to study, the most basic way, and every day the update, released the original search engine, catch the essence, such as the daily emphasis on customer experience, is the most fundamental, in any case adjustment, are not affected by row. read more

Tens of thousands of similar websites how to talent shows itself

(three) target site location.

in today’s Internet industry, casually a industry site almost can be said to be tens of thousands to describe, but the ranking is so few, how are we going to get the biggest favor users and search engines? Then we need the site in the most common and the most basic optimization at the same time, to make your own web site features, so we can not only get the same search engine’s favorite, on this basis we override the user experience is king concept, unique website, so how can we not do stand out? Here are some of the author summed up the ideas to share with you. read more

The analysis of the phenomenon of several love Shanghai snapshot

Shanghai Longfeng difficult, do Shanghai Longfeng tired, do a lifetime at Shanghai dragon. Love is a snapshot of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, but only on the one hand, often supernatural phenomena, let Shanghai dragon ER pain. Wang Shifan in the previous article, mentioned the snapshot problem of sorts, but not comprehensive, today Wang Shi sails will be fully integrated before summary, hope this article can solve the problem of the majority of love Shanghai snapshot.

sometimes check website, will not appear on the date, but in a few hours before the read more