Simeone: “I trust my players a lot and the stadium will explode”

first_imgHow is Diego Costa?It is improving. He is growing, training enthusiastically, he is among the 19 concentrated players and has the opportunity tomorrow to play the game. Have you been thinking about this game since the draw?They know us forever. We go game by game trying to solve what lies ahead. After the Valencia game we have worried about tomorrow’s game and we find a great team, very well trained by a different coach, with many alternatives in the game and he has been creating it in the years he has been in the club. Despite the departure of Coutinho, who seemed to be leaving the team, it was the opposite, he was empowered.Do you see similarities with Klopp?In nuances possibly yes. In intensity I remember his Borussia Dormtund who was a similar team, also in Liverpool with that competitiveness. In the teams that show us the characteristics as coaches. Then the potential given by the players increase the characteristics. This Liverpool will remain in history because they have superior records to all admired. They are more intense, direct, changing and generate admiration for me as a rival. What do you say to the fans?What I always comment. It is a game in two stages and I have no doubt that double match there is a 50% chance. There is no difference, it is a match and in a match everything is possible.Have you prepared the game as against Madrid or Barcelona?We prepare the matches in the same way, whether the opponent touches us. To a certain rival who has a power, we always try to plan the game with the attitude of winning whoever touches us.Do you like to get covered?I am very respectful of opinions, they have to be. Criticism makes us improve and I don’t appreciate how we would like to arrive. I trust my players a lot, the stadium will explode, they have a vibrant stadium that will make us suffer when we go, but tomorrow the same thing will happen in Wanda and I trust my players a lot.They are given few options.Let everyone wait or think what you can imagine. What counts are the facts. The words serve to generate previews, but then it is a match and in a match it can happen.Can you motivate pessimism?I do not see pessimism. I see optimism, emotion. There is going to be a stadium to burst, the players really want the match to come and I see what I like best, which is optimism.last_img read more

GSA Construction Engineers Begin Renovation on E.J. Roye Building

first_imgRegardless of the outcry from partisans and members of the True Whig Party against the eviction order handed down from the General Services Agency (GSA), work has resumed on the E.J. Roye Building on Ashmum Street in Monrovia.Work has started under the supervision of GSA engineers and construction workers on the building that housed Liberia’s oldest political party.There has been an ongoing battle between the Liberian Government and the leadership of the TWP over the legitimate ownership of the E.J. Roye Building.The current Liberian Government had argued on many occasions that the E.J. Roye Building was constructed through the sweat of Liberian taxpayers and should therefore be used by all Liberians irrespective of political or socio-economic backgrounds.When our staff reporter visited the site of the building Monday, November 11, a senior staff member of the GSA was seen telling occupants to leave the building.At the entrance of the building facing Ashmum Street, GSA’s engineers were seen giving instructions to the construction workers, who were on hand to begin rehabilitating the building.Around the scene of the overhaul, former occupants of the building were seen in an angry mood and declined to make any comments on the grounds that they are making contacts with the relevant authorities on the matter.When contacted, GSA personnel at the renovation site declined to make official comments and referred our staff reporter to the top officials of GSA.A week ago, the Deputy Director General for Administration of the GSA, Galakpai W. Kortimai, disclosed that the Liberian Government had directed the GSA to carry out renovation work on the E. J. Roye Building and that the occupants of the building should consider leaving or else be evicted by legal means.When the Daily Observer contacted a stalwart of the TWP, Mr. Reginald B. Goodridge, he claimed that the current Liberian Government wanted to use the 33-year-old military decree of the People’s Redemption Council, (PRC) to move his party from the building forcefully.Another TWP, the former Youth Wing chairman, Z. Kweaque Coleman, described their eviction by the Liberian Government as “undemocratic, uncivilized, and unacceptable.”Coleman, who stated that he is the present TWP administrator of the E.J. Roye Building, said that the TWP’s legal team is holding consultations to ensure that the renovation work by the GSA stops.He also claimed that early Monday morning, GSA personnel backed by Police Support Unit officers stormed the TWP’s offices and asked the occupants to leave for the renovation work.Chairman Coleman argued that the presence of heavily armed PSU officers could be described as “scare tactics geared towards instilling fear and causing alarm.”He further urged partisans and members of the TWP to remain on top of the situation as the legal options continue to be pursued by the party’s legal team.When asked whether the GSA ever displayed any legal notice of eviction, Coleman responded in the affirmative and expressed shock on the action of the Liberian Government.Shedding light on internal political wrangling in the TWP, the he claimed that the National Elections Commission (NEC) recognizes two administrations in the TWP’s hierarchy in the country.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Awaiting Belgian’s Murder Trial

first_imgEleven of 14 persons accused of murdering Michael Bruno, a Belgian national, appeared at Criminal Court ‘C’  at the Temple of Justice for the first time on Wednesday, March 25, to proceed  with their murder trial.The trial had not taken place on schedule because the defendant’s lawyers presented a request, asking Judge Yussif Kaba to reconsider his earlier ruling where he denied a motion to dismiss and acquittal of the defendants; ruling the case to trial on Wednesday.However, when the defendants appeared at the court only eleven of them were seen seated in the dock of the courtroom, after submitting the motion, they were placed in the care of some prominent citizens of Grand Bassa County, including Representative Baron Brown and Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine, a 2011 presidential aspirant for the opposition Liberty Party (LP). Cllr. Brumskine and Rep. Brown have been the men’s guarantors since 2008.The reason for the absence of the three defendants was that two had already been set free by government, apparently to serve as some of prosecution witnesses; and the other one is dead.The defendants were linked to an ambush where a single barrel gunshot was used to kill then Plantation manager of the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC), Michael Bruno on November 17, 2007 in District# 3 Grand Bassa County.The attack, according to LAC, took place immediately after Bruno’s decision to expand the company’s operations beyond the district.In the Motion for “Reconsideration of Judge Kaba’s Ruling” a copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer, the lawyers prayed the judge to order the restoration of all the defendants rights that were previously theirs as provided by law in the interest of transparent justice and fair play and to uphold the Constitution and laws of Liberia.They argued that Judge Kaba’s action to deny their request was contrary to the constitutional prohibition against double jeopardy, where the defendants were twice exposed to trial for the same offense without showing by the prosecution of manifest necessary to warrant a second trial of the defendants.They further argued that Judge Kaba inadvertently held that he cannot overrule his colleague, Judge Benedict Holt, since both of them have concurrent jurisdiction.Cllr.  Holt then presiding Judge of the Second Judicial Circuit Court in Grand Bassa County, conducted the trial in 2008 and transferred the case to the First Judicial Circuit Criminal Court ‘A’ for Montserrado County, following allegation of jury tempering.He also disbanded the jury panel and ordered a new trial.But, the defense team said the “issue that was before Judge Kaba was whether or not double jeopardy had been attached as a result of the first trial?” “If the answer is yes,” they admitted, “which it is, then as a matter of law, Judge Kaba cannot preside over the second criminal trial of the defendants.”The defense team continued, “except for manifest necessary, which did not exist and which Your Honor did not show in the   ruling.”According to them, Judge Kaba does not have the legal right to overrule or review Judge Benedict Holt’s decision, “and can’t try the defendants for the second time unless there was manifest necessary.” “When one trial judge declares a mis-trial in a criminal case and disbands the trial jury, a subsequent trial judge of concurrent jurisdiction may not determine that he cannot conduct a second criminal trial on the grounds of double jeopardy,” the lawyers said in the motion.“During the trial, where the prosecution improperly terminated the case; the defendant cannot thereafter be indicted or otherwise charged and tried for the same offense of any degree,” they added. “Judge Kaba is without the legal competence to consider the constitutional issue of the defendants’ right to effective counsel, as provided in Article 21 (b) of the 1986 revised constitution. Therefore; he should have allowed the matter to be transferred to the Supreme Court of Liberia for determination of the said issue.”The motion further explained that since Judge Kaba admitted that he is without the legal competence to pass on constitutional issue of double jeopardy as provided in Article 21 (b) of the constitution, “because doing so would be tantamount to reviewing the act of his colleague, he should have had the matter transferred to the Supreme Court for determination of the said constitutional issue.”Ruling in the motion is scheduled for Today, Thursday, March 27.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Rural Women Speak on Education and Life

first_imgThere are more Women and girls around Liberia that have not been opportuned to have basic education.Despite the fact that other young women and girls have been able to benefit from the free and compulsory education scheme, many of them have not been reached in different parts of Liberia.Opportunities such as the Free and Compulsory Education for all should not be limited to Monrovia or Counties with populated cities alone; but rather in the Conner’s of every County where life exits.In order to ensure that every boy and girl has equal opportunity to education, the government of Liberia must remain committed to providing the basic schooling materials as well as school buildings in all areas where none are found. The GOL should not only focus on areas where there are no schools, but also places including villages and towns where schools are limited.Not only women have been victimized when it comes to lack of education, some young men and boys also fall victims of the same situation. But mind you, not all the children we see roaming the streets, villages or towns do not have the opportunity to have education. They have decided to forget about education and join the economic hustle ahead of time.If Liberia would reach a milestone in empowering and educating women, it is time all parties responsible revisit the drawing board and move out to rural Liberia and do what has to be done there.There are still stories of violence against Women; there are still stories of assault and other issues violating the rights of women in our leeward Counties.When the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) celebrated its World Press Freedom Day in Gbarpolu, Bopolu City, our W&F Desk was able to speak with some young women who came around to witness the occasion at the Bopolu City Hall.The W&F Desk spoke with a couple of them.  Though they shied away at first, they later saw the need to explain some of the challenges they face as women in terms of education, public opinions and activities.Hawa Kileih is a 26 year-old mother of 1, who has never sat in a classroom.She said this is because her parents died during the civil crisis in the 1990s, and since then she stayed with people who didn’t agree to send her to school.  She had no option but to escape from Monrovia to Gbarpolu in search of a better life, she explains.“After I stayed with those people for so many years, I noticed that they were not willing to send me to school so with the help of community dwellers, I ran away from them and came down here to Bopolu to see if I can start something little and go to school. But coming here was not as easy as I thought it would be. At first things became difficult for me until met my son’s father who is now helping me.“I have always wanted to go to school, but no money and there are other fees that I will have to pay to go to school. My boy-friend has a little business that we depend on to pay for our room, eat, wear clothes and raise my school fees. I do not feel happy that I am this age and have not gone to school before and I must admit that I am not proud of that.“I also realized that as a young woman, I need education so much; because these days, without education, nobody respects you and what you say. They will think you can’t make any sound decision in any situation.“Even my boy friend, when I go wrong sometimes, he is brave enough to tell me that I am not his type and with time he will leave me. Those have been my motivations these days. Next semester I will enroll in the Bopolu high school, which is the only high school here. The school is so filled that I will not be accepted in the morning section, [but only] the night. And the School fee is not bad at all; at least I can cope with it. It’s only LRD$140.00 per semester and other fees attached to it make it maybe LRD$1,500.00 per semester”, she told this Observer Women & Family.Everlyne Neyorh, 24, mother of three children, ages 3, 5 & 7, sells red oil in the market and is a middle-school dropout.We also spoke to her at the same event. Everlyne once had the opportunity to go to school, but like most young girls in different parts of the world, she had to stop schooling because she got pregnant.She also had her own story to share.“Before I lost my father here in Bopolu, my father had a shop and he did his best to send me to school and I stopped in the 7th grade.I was in school until I got pregnant for my first baby. My father still didn’t refuse to help me and my boy friend but shortly before I could give birth, he died of brief illness. My mother is old and she is managing the shop to take care of my younger ones. My boy friend’s parents didn’t have much to help so they gave me money to start up my oil business.But [with] all I raised from the business, I had to care of my children, feed the home and we had to wear clothes. I have been able to send the first boy to school and he is now in the 1st grade at the Central High.Whenever I talk about school, my boyfriend gets angry with me. He said that I already have three children and I can’t go to school anymore and, better still, he is not in school so he can’t use his money to send me to school.So I may go to school one day but I don’t think it is now or soon because I am no longer alone.  I have people attached to me now so if I don’t go to school, [at least] they will go to school”, Everlyne said.Like Hawa and Everlyne, 20 year-old Mimie Wah, mother of 1, is convinced that schooling is something difficult and which is not considering now.Mimie told the W&F Desk that she stays with her mother who has a mini table in the local market around their area.“My mother is selling and she is also taking care of my baby, but to go to school, I don’t think I am ready for that now because I am not a smart student at all. I tried going to school before but I failed a lot and since then I decided to drop after I gave birth to my daughter. I will think about going to school very soon but now I am not. I am trying to attend a trade school or something but sitting in classroom is not my area,” she concluded.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

PYJ to ‘Uphold Ganta Declaration’

first_imgSen. Johnson: “I have job for Yealue, but not at the House of Representatives”A source close to Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ), standard bearer of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR), has now confirmed that the controversial senator will not abandon the Ganta Declaration, whose intent is to support a united opposition bid to unseat the ruling Unity Party (UP).In September 2016, about 20 opposition political parties signed a communiqué called the “Ganta Declaration,” forming a common political collaborative front against the ruling UP ahead of the October 10 elections.Although there was nothing in the Declaration that withheld parties which signed the document from seeking the presidency in their own right, they all, however, agreed to collaborate to defeat the UP candidate.Moses Ziah, chairman of Sen. Johnson’s MDR, could neither confirm nor deny his standard bearer’s decision to pledge support to the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), but told a local radio station manager in Nimba County that: “Sen. Johnson, as a peaceful political leader, often sticks to his word,  which would include the Ganta Declaration.”News of Johnson’s cross-over came to public light yesterday just after the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced the final results of the October 10 presidential and legislative elections, confirming a runoff between the two finalists, the CDC of Mr. Weah and the UP of Mr. Boakai.In a recent interview on the fracas in Sanniquellie, Nimba County between supporters of the CDC and Liberty Party (LP), Sen. Johnson said it was unacceptable for anyone to go to his county to shed blood. Based on communications he received from the NEC and its magistrate in Nimba, the LP – not the CDC, was granted permission to have a rally in that area, he added.PYJ described George Weah, standard bearer of the leading opposition party, CDC, as someone who is unable to control his followers, and as such, any decision to elect him as President of Liberia will send the country back to war.“It is not anyone’s birthright to be president therefore, Sen. Weah should not impose his will. I think the CDCians headed by their leader were in the wrong,” Sen. Johnson said.“Mr. Weah wants votes that include also Nimba, if they love him. He has gone to my county to shed my people’s blood and this is unacceptable and the people of Nimba and everyone will be informed not to ever vote for him. Our people are mad and very angry and until an apology is extended to us, Nimbaians (1.2 million) will not vote for him,” Johnson promised.The controversial Nimba strongman emphasized that Sen. Weah has no control over his men, “just as Charles Taylor had no control. I had control over my men in combat.”With the runoff scheduled for November 7, it is being circulated in recent weeks that Sen. Johnson has held a series of meetings with “financiers and political heavy weights” of the CDC, who reportedly promised not to turn him over to the war crimes court should he cross over to them. Sen. Johnson has reportedly told his supporters not to “betray the struggle” but rather to go by the Ganta Declaration. One account said he has traveled to Ghana with Robert Sirleaf, the son of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to seal the deal of his “cross-over to the CDC.”Up to press time last night, Johnson was yet to respond to numerous phone calls the Daily Observer made to him to clear the air.Sen. Johnson has worn many notable hats in the social and political times of Liberia. He was once a rebel leader, now a politician, a clergyman and an overall eccentric disciplinarian, whose statements at tend to be curiously ambiguous.He at one point made an open declaration of support for Boakai, but later said his statement was a “declaration of intent,” and not necessarily in support of the V.P.“Johnson has always supported the idea of an indigenous president, because he is the liberator whose is still savoring his heroic role as seen in the eyes of his kinsmen,” MDR secretary general Wilfred Bangura told reporters.The people of Nimba County assume they owe him a debt of gratitude and are willing to walk down the political isle with him, evidenced by his repeat successes in the senatorial elections as well as his surprising performances in the 2011 and 2017 presidential elections. This is why he is referred to as the “political godfather of the county.”Historically, Nimba County has never voted massively for CDC. In 2011, when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf went there to campaign for re-election on the Unity Party (UP) ticket, the elders of the county told her that they had already pledged their support to their “son”, the senator, who was also running for president. However, they promised her that if PYJ did not reach the run-off, then she would have their vote. The people kept their word.In spite of their promise to the President, PYJ posited himself as a “king-maker” following the first round, the assumption being that he had the power to sway the county vote either in favor of UP or CDC, in the run-off. In the end, Nimba voted overwhelmingly in favor of the UP candidate, Sirleaf.If the 2011 instance is anything to go by, then it remains to be seen whether the people of Nimba will follow their “godfather” to fulfill his Ganta Declaration or whether he will venture into CDC alone.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Bartica youth gets 28 years for mechanic’s murder

first_imgTwenty-two-year-old Ryan Jones, also called Rayon Jones, was on Tuesday sentenced by Justice Sandil Kissoon to 28 years’ jail for killing a 24-year-old mechanic on June 9, 2016 when he burglarised the mechanic’s home at Madewini, Timehri. The victim, Puranand Baljit, had been stabbed 10 times, and died as a result of his injuries.Jailed: Ryan JonesJones, of Fourth Avenue, Bartica, who was recaptured after escaping from the Lusignan prison in an outbreak that occurred in 2017, pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter on Tuesday, after being originally indicted for murder committed in the furtherance of a robbery. He, however, pleaded not guilty to the capital offence.He was represented by Attorney Maxwell McKay, while State Prosecutor Mandell Moore appeared for the State.Jones admitted he had entered Baljit’s room by climbing through a window, and had stolen the victim’s laptop and cellphone. However, Baljit suddenly awoke and confronted him, and Jones stabbed the man with a knife he had taken to the scene, the court was told.Dead: Puranand BaljitBaljit’s father related to investigators that on the night of his son’s murder he had heard screams coming from his room. He later discovered his son lying in a pool of blood. Jones, who had fled the scene, was apprehended two days later at the Georgetown seawall in the company of a female; and according to court records, Jones had sold the stolen items, worth several hundred thousand dollars, for only $5,000.He told Justice Kissoon on Tuesday that he was running his whole life, and didn’t know why; but he now knows the truth, and it has set him free. He also expressed remorse for his actions while also saying that he has one life to live and one judgment to face.However, the court has sentenced Jones to serve out his sentence without the possibility of parole.Jones was 20 at the time he committed the crime, and he admitted to knowing the deceased prior to the incident. According to the particulars of the case, after confessing to Police, Jones had taken ranks to an abandoned house where he had stashed the murder weapon and clothes which had stains suspected to be blood on them.His lawyer, in a plea of mitigation, stressed that Jones had always cooperated with Police, and had had no additional matters other than the murder case and escaping from the Lusignan Prison in July last year.However, Prosecutor Moore called on the court to consider why the victim was killed. No relative of either the victim or accused was present in court.Justice Kissoon, in considering the sentence, told the offender that the court would normally hand down life imprisonment owing to the nature of Jones’s offence, but would not in this case, as he was 20 when he killed Baljit. Nevertheless, the judge considered that the defendant went to the victim’s home with the knife in his possession.In computing the sentence, 10 years were added to the base of 14 years and 5 months on account of aggravating factors. This gave 24 years, 5 months, but Justice Kissoon added 3 years and 7 months for the brutality meted out to the victim; and in the end the sentence amounted to a prison term of 28 years. (Shemuel Fanfair)last_img read more

L.A. Rams’ Fearsome Foursome member Lundy is dead at 71

first_img“He really was the stabilizing force, Mr. Consistency,” Olsen said. “He was an incredibly important part of that equation.” Lundy was the first black football player to receive a scholarship at Purdue, the school said. He led Richmond High School to unbeaten football seasons in 1952 and 1953 and to the state’s Final Four in basketball in 1953. He was selected to the 1959 Pro Bowl team and led the Rams in sacks, an unofficial statistic in those days, in 1961. A knee injury he sustained in 1967 led to his retirement from football. Funeral arrangements were pending. Lundy spent his entire 13-year career with the Rams (1957-69). He teamed with Merlin Olsen and Deacon Jones – both Pro Football Hall of Famers – and Roosevelt Grier to form a mighty defensive line. In 1968, the defense featuring the four set an NFL record for the fewest yards allowed during a 14-game season. Olsen called Lundy, 6-foot-7 and 250 pounds, the anchor of the line. Broncos running back dies: Damien Nash, a backup running back for the Denver Broncos, collapsed and died after a charity basketball game in St. Louis, his agent, David Canter, said. Nash was 24. Circumstances surrounding his death weren’t immediately available. Signed as a free agent in August, Nash played in threegames for the Broncos last season and finished with 18 carries for 66 yards. He started as a rookie in 2005 with Tennessee, which drafted him in the fifth round. The death was the second to strike the Broncos in less than two months. Cornerback Darrent Williams, 24, was shot and killed Jan. 1 while riding in a limousine after leaving a nightclub in Denver, just hours after the Broncos’ season ended. Also: Atlanta Falcons defensive end Patrick Kerney voided his contract, and potentially lucrative free-agent options could make it difficult for the team to re-sign its top pass rusher. … Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens needs more surgery on his injured right ring finger and might not be 100 percent until training camp. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!center_img Lamar Lundy, a member of the Fearsome Foursome defensive line for the Los Angeles Rams in the 1960s, died Saturday. He was 71. He died after a long illness in his hometown of Richmond, Ind., the Community Family Funeral Home said. last_img read more

Under-fire Sarri insists he can avoid Chelsea axe

first_img0Shares0000Maurizio Sarri insists he can still save his job at Chelsea © AFP / Ian KINGTONLONDON, United Kingdom, Feb 20 – Maurizio Sarri insists he expects to avoid being sacked as Chelsea manager if his troubled side can put together a sustained winning run.Reports on Wednesday claimed Sarri will be axed if Chelsea are beaten in any of their next three matches after losing the backing of the club’s hierarchy. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is not renowned for his patience and Monday’s limp FA Cup fifth round defeat against Manchester United increased speculation that Sarri is on the brink of being dismissed.Sarri faces a crucial seven days as Chelsea take a slender 2-1 advantage into Thursday’s Europa League last 32 second-leg against Malmo before facing Manchester City in the League Cup final at Wembley on Sunday.Those games are followed by a crucial London derby against Tottenham in the Premier League next Wednesday, a match Chelsea can’t afford to lose as they sit outside the top four.Acknowledging his perilous position can only be improved by a rapid reversal of fortunes, Sarri told reporters: “We need to win three, four matches in a row. It’s the only solution.“I can understand very well the frustration of our fans. Because they are used to winning. Now we are in trouble, so I can understand very well.“There isn’t another way. We can only have good performances and results.”With Chelsea in the midst of a bad run, Sarri is fighting to save his job less than a season after arriving from Napoli.The United loss followed hot on the heels of a humiliating 6-0 thrashing at Manchester City, which ranked as Chelsea’s heaviest defeat for 28 years, and an equally miserable 4-0 defeat at Bournemouth.Angry Blues fans have taunted Sarri with chants demanding the 60-year-old’s sacking and calling for former Chelsea star Frank Lampard, now in charge of second tier Derby, to be hired as his replacement.– ‘It’s not easy’ –But, insisting he still has a future at Stamford Bridge, Sarri says he has not spoken to Abramovich or influential director Marina Granovskaia this week.“I have to think that I will be the manager of Chelsea for a long time, otherwise I cannot work,” Sarri said.“I am not sure (if I will be here for a long time), but I have to think this. I have to work and I want to work with a long-range target.“Of course in this moment it’s very difficult to think we’re able to win three, four matches in a row. As you know very well in football everything can change in one day.”One of the main criticisms of Sarri has been his stubborn refusal to change his tactics despite clear evidence that the formula that worked with Napoli is failing at Chelsea.Sarri has held several lengthy inquests with his players after Chelsea’s worst results and conducted another after the United defeat.But reports claim many of his players have lost faith with his football philosophy, especially his decision to use his former Napoli midfielder Jorginho in the holding role instead of N’Golo Kante, who had thrived in that position in the past.Sarri’s hopes of getting Chelsea back to the form that saw them start the season with an 18-match unbeaten run are being hampered by the team’s hectic schedule.“We’re trying to solve our problems. It’s not very easy because we have no time,” he said.“We’re trying to talk with the players, trying to avoid some mistakes by video. It’s not easy, because we have to play every three days, so on the pitch we have no time.”The Italian still refuses to compromise on his 4-3-3 system and possession-based ‘Sarri-ball’ style, which was ridiculed by supporters on Monday.“The system is a false problem. I know very well that when we lose I have to put a striker on the pitch. When we win I have to put a defender on the pitch. But I want to see football in another way,” he said.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more


first_imgSOCCER: There is a massive game in the U17 League of Ireland on Saturday when Derry City host Finn Harps in the Brandywell.It will be tough game for either side, the last time the two clubs encountered was the opening game of the season with a 2-2 draw.Finn harps will be looking to register their first win, key players are coming back from injurys such as Ryan Finn and Shane Blaney, but they have lost Liam Walsh to ligament damage against Drogheda the week before. Finn Harps u19’s played Derry City u19’s last Saturday and earned a 3-0 win.After this result Harps will be going in with a bit more confidence.Get out and support the Harps, kick off is 2pm in Brandywell.VITAL DERBY CLASH BETWEEN FINN HARPS 17’S AND DERRY CITY THIS WEEKEND was last modified: September 25th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:derry cityfinn harpssoccerSportlast_img read more