Sunday analysis: What was really said at the Oct. 19 city work session

first_imgby Tracy McCue and James Jordan, Sumner Newscow — Tuesday night, a Wellington resident requested the city council should ask for the resignation of one of its member over a comment made at a previous work session. But the council member in question, Kip Etter, said his comment was misinterpreted.Kip EtterDuring the audience portion of the council meeting, Diana Page said the council member had referred to a member of the city staff as a “BTK killer.”Etter said he did no such thing and used the BTK reference as an example of the dangers of giving a code compliance officer too much authority.The comment occurred during a work session held on Oct. 19, 2015 at the council chambers in which a lengthy discussion took place among the Wellington City Council, city staff workers, chamber officials, and landlord property owners over the possible revamping of the Wellington Compliance Codes (see minutes of the meeting below). One of the proposals is giving the code compliance officer the authority to levy fines against offending property owners who do not comply to city code.Page, a financial consultant for Edward Jones and president of the Wellington Planning Commission, said she had heard during the Oct. 19, 2015 meeting, a code compliance officer was being referred to as a BTK killer. She did not mention Etter by name during her speech.She said she was worried that a Wichita television station was coming down to do a story on the matter and that would create adverse publicity for the community.Page said the city code compliance officer has filed a grievance report over the statement and she worries that the comment could cost the city millions of dollars if a defamation lawsuit was filed. She also requested that the council needs to delve into financial records of council members. She also worried about a statement made by Wellington Mayor Shelley Hansel, who said that if utility rates were not raised, the city would go bankrupt.Page did not return Sumner Newscow requests for a follow up interview.According to several sources, Page did not attend the Oct. 19 work session meeting.Wellington City Manager Eckert confirmed that a grievance report was issued, but he can’t discuss it because it is a personnel issue.••••How the statement came aboutEtter sat down to talk with Sumner Newscow on Friday. Etter said he understands criticism comes with the territory, but he was surprised at being called on the carpet at last week’s meeting over a comment he had. An audio recording of the meeting in question does show he used the reference, but he was not making an accusation against any city employees. The conversation starts concerning the possible assessment of a penalty implied if a citizen did not clean up its property. Here is the recording: Council member Kelly Green: If they haven’t cleaned it up the Judge assesses a fine?Wellington Inspector Richard Jack: Yes.Green: So then they pay the fine or they go to jail? Jack: Yes, pay or they can go to jail.Green: But there’s no come back and pay another fine in six months or……Etter: Well that’s what we’re talking about with review and compromise.  I mean I would just urge in the making of this….Green: …to get done, if it’s a fifty dollar fine and they only have to pay that every six months whenever it goes through the prosecutor ….Jack: But when the Judge says it’s a thousand dollars, most people take that very seriously.Green: Exactly.Etter: That’s where we go back to the review and the compromise implemented into it.  I would urge when you’re putting this together, one thing I am going to caution is, is that, while Richard you may say that you’re not going to do that, but when you’re gone, the next person comes in, who’s going to say that they’re not going to have the understanding and authority. We just had, I mean, I’m not trying to bring up old things, but you know, Park City had a BTK killer, and you hear about the, the a, to the extent that he took his authority as a code officer, I do not want to get into that kind of situation, nor will I support…Green: Did you just say the BTK killer?Etter:I did, because he was a compliance officer……(Many people talking at once…..can not distinguish who is saying what.)Etter: Code compliance officer, yeah.  If there’s not checks and balances, I will not support it. The audio recording was made available after a request was made to the city manager’s office.In the board meeting minutes which was approved by the council on Tuesday, the comment was not specifically mentioned. It stated: There was more discussion regarding review and compromise of the Codes.  Council member Etter said if there were not checks and balances he would not support it.  “I had no idea that was coming,” Etter said of Tuesday’s night’s comment by Page. Etter said Eckert had talked to Page before the meeting, but he said Friday he did not know what she wanted to talk about. Customarily, if a city wishes to address the council, it must be put on the agenda. Page was not placed on the agenda prior to the meeting, only asking Eckert if she could speak before the meeting started. Etter spoke with Hansel, who allowed Page to address the council. Etter said he is all for allowing people to speak at meetings, if they want people to be on the agenda so they can be prepared for issues that might be brought up. He is not opposed to letting people speak anyway, even if they have not been put on the agenda beforehand. But he was taken aback by the accusation. “I felt like it was personally pointed toward me,” Etter said. “But that is not what I said in any way.” What Etter said he meant In the work session, the issue under discussion was the power of code compliance officers. A code compliance officer, a job now occupied by Aaron Norton, currently cannot write tickets or give fines if a property owner is in violation of city code. Some feel they should be able to do that because people are not motivated to do anything when there is no punishment, or cost involved. Etter has mixed feelings about that issue, but does not want code enforcement officers to have power that is not checked in some way. He said he wants to see accountability there. Etter has in the past argued for giving property owners more time to work on their property, and has at times questioned why certain properties are being singled out for prosecution while others that are just as bad are left alone. “I am all about cleaning up the city,” he said. “We have a problem with blight. It is embarrassing to have dilapidated buildings. I just want to be sure there are checks and balances in place.” Etter said he perhaps should not have made the BTK comment, but his intent was not to criticize or accuse any city employees. The BTK killer was a code enforcement officer in Wichita when he was caught for the murder of 10 people between 1974 and 1991. He is currently serving 10 consecutive life sentences at El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas. Etter said he should have perhaps used a different analogy, but his point was that people should not have too much power. He said he does want to see the town cleaned up and wants there to be an efficient system in place that encourages people to fix up their property. Currently, the city can tear down a building and put an assessment on the property, which the owner will have to pay with his or her taxes. That is the case unless it goes to a tax sale, in which case the owner loses the property and the city does not get its money for tearing down the building. There is a “clean slate” approach when someone buys a piece of property at a tax sale. The hope is they will build something and become a taxpayer. But there are a lot of these properties around town, Etter said. A few times people have met with code enforcement officers and felt the demands to get a place back into code were too stringent, Etter said. He also has advocated the city get involved with salvaging operations in some way to take anything of value that could be used to offset city expenses. Etter owns rental properties himself, and has restored some older houses that were in bad shape and now he rents them out. He has done a little salvage work here and there, but does not have an actual salvaging business. He does not want to do that himself, but feels the city could recoup some of its money if it worked out a way to have the properties salvaged. Etter said he is also interested in preserving anything that might be of historical value. He added that the state has regulations concerning what can be done with money from salvaging old buildings. Once the city recoups its money, if there is any money left, it has to go back to the property owner, for instance. He has also been perceived as being against code compliance because he has disagreed with them on a few issues. He said he thinks the problem really is that code compliance has not been given specific direction from the city council. “Every city is unique. We need to have specific criteria for which houses are torn down,” he said. “We need to be able to quantify what we are doing, get data from what we are doing, and we need to know if an individual property meets the criteria,” he said. If such a system were in place, he would not be opposed to allowing code compliance workers to write tickets for violations. Even though Etter was the recipient of criticism at the meeting last week, he still wants people to come to the council with their concerns. “We (the city) can do a better job of communication,” Etter said. “But people also have a responsibility to do some research.” He said many times people approach council members about issues after something is passed, and rarely before. It would be helpful to get more input before they vote. He is also hoping to get started with video recordings of work sessions, like the ones done of regular meetings. It would help understand what previous councils were thinking when they passed various things.The work session meetingsPerhaps, the one thing that has not been demonstrated throughout other media outlets in Wellington, was the scope for which the statement made.These are the approved minutes of the meeting in hand. Sumner Newscow was not in attendance at the meeting until the final 20 minutes and missed this particular discussion.Wellington work session minutes – Oct. 19. Code Compliance. Mrs. Sue Rankin Wilson, who resides in Texas but owns and rents out the property located at 310 S. Jefferson, was present to address the Council and to show her support for the City’s Code Compliance policies and procedures. Mrs. Wilson stated she would like the Code Compliance Officials to be able to write tickets to penalize property owners or leasers of the property who violate the Code. She spoke of issues her renters have had with neighbors for the last three years who have trash, weeds, and junk in their yards. Mrs. Wilson talked about having her fifty-year class reunion and presented a petition with twenty-five signatures of people who want the City cleaned up. She also presented emails from residents and past residents of Wellington regarding property neglect in Wellington. Mrs. Robin Hamilton, 704 South H Street was present to address the Council. Mrs. Hamilton said she is a twenty-year resident of Wellington. She told of two properties close to her house that have trash, vehicles, and junk (mattresses) in the yards. Mrs. Hamilton said the City property codes need teeth – there needs to be consequences for violators. She is in support of the Code and enforcement. Mrs. Hamilton said they are building duplexes in the City and want the area to be cleaned up. She agreed with Mrs. Wilson that renters need to be ticketed if they violate code. Council member Korte asked if the two houses with mounds of trash are occupied. Mrs. Hamilton replied yes. She told the location of the properties. Mr. Kenny Moore, 918 E. Lincoln, a landlord, said he also has had complaints from renters regarding neighboring properties with trash in their yards. He said the renters don’t want to live close to this. Mr. Moore mentioned semi trucks being parked on City streets and asked if that was legal. He also spoke about inoperable vehicles on streets and in yards for years and nothing has changed. Mr. Moore said there are thousands of tires up and down the alleys that harbor mosquitoes. Mr. Moore said the Code Compliance people are doing their jobs but need some help. He said when he has visitors coming to Wellington; the first thing they say is that the town needs to be cleaned up. Mayor Hansel thanked Mr. Moore for helping draw attention to the problems. City Manager Eckert said there was some discussion regarding a Property of the Month Club, so when people do clean up, they can get some sort of recognition for it. Council member Etter explained the proposed program is in its infancy but that he envisioned it could be like the Christmas lighting contest, with a possible credit on the winner’s utility bill. Council member Korte asked who would choose the winners. Council member Etter spoke of having the Chamber involved with the guidance of the City. Mayor Hansel asked Inspector Jack and Code Compliance Officials Cornejo and Norton what happens when there is a violation. City Attorney Brown asked if Staff is still having trouble getting Code violations enforced in Municipal Court. Mr. Norton replied yes. Mr. Norton described the Code violation process. He said the violations have to be visible from the street or an easement. There was discussion regarding the lengthy time it takes for cases to be prosecuted. Mr. Norton explained how the process works. There was more discussion. Mr. Jim Wilson, 310 S Jefferson, spoke about repeat offenders and that Staff has no control. City Attorney Brown asked Mr. Norton for the average time for it takes for Court action on a property that is not cleaned up. Mr. Norton answered from eight weeks to one year. He said in 2014, he did a case study; 350 notices were sent out, 275 complied within the time allotted or asked for more time; 50 violators appeared in Court. There was further discussion regarding the prosecutor and enforcements needed. Council member Green asked if the City’s process is not working because it needs to be redone, or if it’s not working because of a broken link. Mr. Norton said in May 2015, he presented options for possible amendments to the Code that would give Staff more authority to see things through. Council member Green asked Inspector Jack for his thoughts. Inspector Jack said it is very difficult for him, Mr. Norton, or Mr. Cornejo to do their jobs because of the way Staff’s hands are tied on what they can do. He said he worked in Wichita for ten years, and as Attorney Brown pointed out, citations were issued, and violators went to Court. Not a letter, not fourteen days, and then more days given from the prosecutor. Mr. Jack said, you go to Court and the judge asks if it has been cleaned up/taken care of, did you paint your house, did you fix whatever, and if the answer was no, it was a $500 fine, or $1000 fine, or go to jail if they don’t do what they are supposed to do. Mayor Hansel commented the City process seems archaic. Council member Green asked Mr. Jack if he agreed with the amendments proposed by Mr. Norton. Mr. Jack replied yes with review by the City Attorney. Council member Wetta asked what Wellington does different than other cities. Attorney Brown said there is a bottleneck. Mr. Norton said the IPMC (International Property Maintenance Code) was adopted by the City several years ago and is fantastic. He said it sets solid guidelines for cities to follow. Mr. Norton said he is a member of KACE (Kansas Association of Code Enforcements), and at the annual meetings he has a chance to speak with other cities regarding their property codes. He said some of the recommendations he made in May came from things that are working in other communities. Mr. Valentine asked Mr. Jack if he had the authority to write citations when he worked in Wichita. Mr. Jack replied yes. He said the Code Enforcement, Zoning, and Building staff all had the authority to do so. Council member Valentine asked how much time was allowed to get repairs done. Mr. Jack replied that it depended on the situation and the repairs needed. Council member Green asked for the details of the citations given in Wichita. Mr. Jack said he had a book to write the citation and he would write it out, physically hand it to the person and they would have ten to fourteen days, depending on when the next Court date was, to show up in Court. Just like a speeding ticket. He said the Judge would ask the person if the violation was taken care of and the person would either tell the judge yes, and Staff would go out the next day to check; or the violator would tell the judge they can’t get it cleaned up for some reason and the Judge would take it from there. Council member Green said we would still need backing from the Court. Mr. Jack concurred. Audience member, Mr. Jim Brown, 1228 N. Jefferson, was recognized by Mayor Hansel. Mr. Brown asked what would happen if he was in the military and was gone for some time and even if he doesn’t know if he has violated a code, he would get a citation. Mr. Jack said what Staff is proposing is to be able to write a citation and to be able to say yes, here is your citation, and if Staff says he is not here, he is off with the military, or he works for the railroad so is gone for two to three weeks, in those cases it would be different. Mr. Brown said he would not accept a citation if he did not even know what code he had violated. Mayor Hansel said certainly there are exceptions, but there are some repeat offenders that are known. Mr. Jack said he would not write a citation the first time unless it was (example) an unlicensed roofer, because we have Codes that require a license. There was more discussion regarding review and compromise of the Codes. Council member Etter said if there were not checks and balances he would not support it. Mrs. Sue Wilson commented there should probably be some exceptions for the elderly. She asked Mr. Jack if the citations written in Wichita were given to renters or property owners. Mr. Jack replied that the citations were given to the person occupying the property, with the driver’s license used to fill out the citation. Mr. Norton said a speeding ticket is a pretty apt analogy, because not everyone who is pulled over gets a speeding ticket; the Police officer can give a warning. As far as people who would be unable to follow through, there is a new program in town called Brush with Kindness, which is actually an offshoot of Habitat for Humanity, in which help is given to people who need to weatherize their windows, or get rid of trash, or tow away an inoperable vehicle. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Annarose White was present to address the Council. Director White said regarding the Brush with Kindness program, it is a program for homeowners specifically. She said there have been a few applications turned in but the people were asking for things not covered by the program. Director White reported that the Chamber is working with the Sumner County Economic Development Commission, and have the South Central Kansas Landlord’s Association list of rentals available at the Chamber and have been adding it to the Chamber website. The number one hit on the Chamber website is people going to the Renting in Wellington page and looking for answers. Director White said of the foot traffic at the Chamber, they have renter’s coming in with questions regarding safety of their rental but will not give their address, for fear of getting kicked out. She said the better housing the City can get, the better businesses will move in. She said the Chamber supports making the process more streamlined, which will help with the quality of life in Wellington. Mayor Hansel thanked Director White and said she is doing a great job. Mayor Hansel said as far as Code Compliance, City Attorney Brown and the Code Compliance Staff will work with the amendments and give the Chamber a final draft to be considered. Audience member Stan Irvin, spoke of imposing some kind of sanction on the landlord, as well as the renter. Council member Green said some Code violations are police issues. Mr. Jack said vehicles abandoned on the street are a police issue, and on the property or blocking a sidewalk are Code Compliance issues. Council member Green said semi trucks on the street are a police issue and they will tag it and tow it. Mayor Hansel recognized audience member Jim Fairbanks. He asked how different a trash violation is from a weed violation. He asked if City crews could clean up the trash and charge the violator as they do with weeds. Public Works Director Jones said there is a process for weeds that is similar to the condemnation process, which is a lengthy process of a notice, publication, a resolution that goes to the Council for blight and then another to get it cleaned up; very drawn out, probably at least four months. Director Jones said secondly, who do we get to clean it up. He said he cannot personally think of any department that could do this. He said we don’t do City-wide clean-ups anymore because the last one took four weeks; to go through the entire town with two loaders and four dump trucks and eight staff members. He said what is being talked about tonight has been going on for fifteen years. Director Jones, and Council member Green agreed that the Clean-up Committee cannot pick up the amount of trash that the people are generating, they can only collect from people who care enough to bring their trash to the curb, and they are getting free landfill privileges because they don’t have to take their trash and junk to the landfill; the City is doing it. City Attorney Brown said the problem is the people see the City and Committee are going to clean up their property every year and they don’t have to do a thing. Mr. Jack Reimer, Combined Trade Board member who technically lives outside the City limits was recognized. He commented that the City has some landlords that do a really good job taking care of their properties and they fight this all the time. He said if the issue is fixed in the Court it would take away the ticketing issue. Mr. Norton responded that there would still be the issue of recidivism; the issue of people who continue to violate the Code. He added there is no incentive to keep the violators from doing it again and again. There was further discussion regarding the Court process versus the citation process. Mrs. Wilson asked if there was a bulk trash pick-up day. Director Jones said it is on a case by case basis. If a customer calls they will go pick it up. If something is left by the trash can, the Sanitation workers put a ticket on the item asking the resident to call for a pickup. Mayor Hansel said citizens also have the option of renting a two-yard dumpster. Mayor Hansel asked the Council if they wanted to continue with the agenda items. Council member Green replied that she would like to cover demolitions to let Mr. Norton know what the Council wants. She spoke about the Landlord Association, discussing how the inspections by Mr. Jack effect how the landlords do their job. She stated the Landlord Association fully understands and respects that Mr. Jack is following a code book that tells him what his job is. Council member Green said what the Landlord Association proposes is that a few people from the Combined Trade Board and a few interested parties from the Landlord Association, and a few from City Staff, sit down and have a brainstorming session. Mayor Hansel said she would like to form a Task Force, not a committee, but a Task Force that has a beginning and an end. She asked if anyone wanted to be a member. Mr. Kenny Moore commented that if landlords are going to have to hire someone to do work on their rental properties, the houses would not be “affordable”. He said he feels like the landlords should be allowed to do their own work and then have it inspected. Those who volunteered for the Task Force were Kenny Moore, Jim Brown, Kelly Green, and Floyd Moore. Mayor Hansel asked that the 3 Engineering Staff members also be on the Task Force. There was further discussion regarding the Codes. Mr. Brown gave an example of wanting to fix up a house at 1222 N. Jefferson, but was told he would have to hire contractors to do the work. City Manager Eckert stated that the City adopted standard building codes and City Staff has to follow the Code, otherwise they are liable, for instance, if the house burns down due to faulty wiring that was not done by a qualified electrician. He said you could look at the Code and possibly modify a few rules, but keep in mind that Staff is enforcing the Codes that were inherited for safety. Follow us on Twitter. Close Forgot password? Please put in your email: Send me my password! 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We highly encourage you to sign your name, but will allow one surname, preferably a first or middle name, and a valid e-mail address. E-mails will not be published. Those without valid e-mail addresses won’t be read. Report Reply 0 replies · active 248 weeks ago +2 Vote up Vote down Meryl · 248 weeks ago So, if I’m reading Kip’s original comment right, the BTK Killer murdered people because we was a code compliance officer? It wasn’t because he was unhinged? It was his job that did it? Wow…I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever read something something so ignorant and disrespectful. Report Reply 5 replies · active 248 weeks ago +18 Vote up Vote down Meryl · 248 weeks ago Lage has a point. We should know if the council has any bad history with money since they’re in charge of our tax money. Report Reply 3 replies · active 248 weeks ago +33 Vote up Vote down jeff · 248 weeks ago Sorry to play the tape again and again but – Kelly Green should recuse herself from any and all discussion between or among landlord association, “city staff” / code compliance, and the violation-finders, and utility increases. She has her own personal agenda. Report Reply 0 replies · active 248 weeks ago +8 Vote up Vote down no name · 248 weeks ago Etter can try to sugar coat what he said. The whole reference and comparison of the code compliance position along with the BTK is sad and should be unacceptable. Why would any city employee respect a man who makes reference to any position and brings up one of the most horrific murderers ever. What is more troublesome is when Etter started down that line the City Manager should have shut that down immediately. I hope what ever the employee is asking for is accomplished. Just because your an elected official doesn’t put you above the people that serve our community. Report Reply 0 replies · active 248 weeks ago +10 Vote up Vote down Katie Norton · 248 weeks ago I have a problem with this statement, “He said he thinks the problem really is that code compliance has not been given specific direction from the city council.” Council-member Etter should know that it is not the job of the city council to be involved in day-to-day operations and to give “specific direction” to code compliance. The code compliance officer doesn’t answer to or report to the City Council. Report Reply 0 replies · active 248 weeks ago +4 Vote up Vote down Bob · 248 weeks ago I do not think there is a causal relationship between BTK becoming a psychopathic serial killer and unchecked code compliance. For Mr Etter to make this association is irresponsible and wrong. Mr Etter’s association seems to imply that My Norton or all code compliance officers would become psychopathic serial killer if not kept in check. I do not believe Mr Etter actually meant to make this association or believe Mr Norton would become a pychopathic serial killer with the power to fine people but I do think the city should issue an official apology and keep any personal bias toward code compliance out of official duty. Ask got forgiveness and move forward. Report Reply 0 replies · active 248 weeks ago +10 Vote up Vote down Nobody Important · 248 weeks ago So let me get this straight…we have a hospital that can’t pay its bills, and a local government that can’t manage its finances, and this…….is what ya’ll are worried about???? Shameful Report Reply 1 reply · active 248 weeks ago +11 Vote up Vote down Carolyn · 248 weeks ago “According to several sources, Page did not attend the Oct. 19 work session meeting.” In other words Page was spreading second hand information. Typical. Report Reply 2 replies · active 248 weeks ago +4 Vote up Vote down LiveWell? · 248 weeks ago It may have been second hand information to Ms. Page, but to those of us in attendance at the meeting, we heard it first hand, not to mention there’s an audio recording of the meeting. Kudos to Ms. Page for standing up and trying to make Mr. Etter accountable for his actions. Mr. Etter has no business being an elected official, when he can’t conduct himself in an appropriate, professional manner. Report Reply 0 replies · active 248 weeks ago 123Next » Post a new comment Enter text right here! Comment as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. 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Statement from Mayor Buxbaum Regarding Community Response to Officer Involved Shooting

first_imgFacebook2Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Mayor Buxbaum for The City of Olympia Since last Thursday’s officer involved shooting, many community members have reached out to the City Council, City Manager, and Police Chief to share their thoughts, hopes, fears, and support. We have and continue to listen.Last night the Olympia City Council cleared its agenda so that we could hear from everyone who wished to speak at the Council’s regularly scheduled meeting. Over 160 individuals came to City Hall in a show of solidarity and concern, with an additional 50-60 people demonstrating in front of the building. In nearly 2 hours of public comment, we heard from 34 individuals.Last Thursday, within 24 hours of the incident, several of us attended a listening session at Temple Beth Hatfiloh organized by local clergy. Nearly 200 individuals attended. They respectfully shared their perspectives and listened to each other. We have also been contacted by countless community members both in person and by email. I believe that we are all moved by the depth of concern and feelings expressed by our community the past few days.There must and will be transparency, objectivity, and accountability in Olympia. We are challenged at this time as we wait for the investigation to conclude. It’s appropriate to emphasize that the current investigation is a criminal investigation of all parties – the two individuals, Bryson Chaplin and Andre Thompson, and the Olympia police officer, Ryan Donald. The outcome of that investigation is down the road. In the meantime, we must continue our dialogue and do our best to respond to all of the issues and interests that have been expressed by our citizens.We also understand that what happened in Olympia is being automatically tied by some to the current very important national debate and concerns over race and social justice. Feelings have been heightened by incidents and reactions in other cities around the country. We believe that Olympia can and will make important contributions to this national debate. At the same time, we will and must make certain that we remain committed to focusing on the facts of our own case in our pursuit of unbiased justice here in Olympia. It is difficult, yet we must separate the deep cultural issues related to race and social justice from the criminal investigation. Removing bias and preconceptions is the path to justice.We very much appreciate the care and concern and interest expressed by our citizens. We believe Olympia is both a strong and very special community that will learn from this current experience and grow stronger as a result.last_img read more

Foster’s Fairplay | Burrell should meet Butler half way

first_img There is no suggestion that the future of the country’s football can rest on the shoulders of a single player. Having said that, the country has not been able to attract real quality players, plying their trade overseas, notwithstanding the fact that they were born in Jamaica. England winger Raheem Sterling, originally from Maverley, did not accept the invitation when the Captain came hunting his talent. The gifted Leon Bailey was transferred just a few days ago from the Belgian club Genk on a deal worth over £12 million. He now represents Bayer Leverkusen in the German Bundesliga. But there is a major problem with the 19-year-old, who played locally at three recognised youth levels, top-scoring in them all. Coming from his own mouth, the former Jamaica College Manning Cup left-side defence man, Craig Butler, who founded the Phoenix Football Academy for which Leon played when he was based in Jamaica, is the youngster’s adopted father. There are some old issues coming out of the administration of that entity that has put Butler and the Kingston & St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) and, by extension, the JFF at loggerheads. Recently, as the bid to get Leon to represent Jamaica at the senior level intensifies, Butler has publicly issued an ultimatum. In order for him to allow his adopted son to play for Jamaica, there has to be an apology from the JFF for disrespect meted out to him by former national coach Winfried Schaefer. Another clause is that the JFF must outline a philosophy for the running of football if Leon is required to be a part of it. There seems to be no backing out on the decision taken by Butler, hence the problem. So what does the JFF do to address this impasse? No one should ask that the Captain slavishly accepts and complies with the dictates of Butler. However, there must be a way forward to allow the young man, if that is his wish, to represent his country and give its people an opportunity to view his exceptional skills at close range. It will take a meeting of minds, frank discussion and, above all, the will to overlook past grievances in the interest of Jamaica, land we love. Aye, aye Captain, you are needed on deck. Foster’s Fairplay has always had great respect for the president of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), former Army Captain Horace Burrell. Although he is frequently described as possessing a dictatorial style, it is that which has brought a great deal of glory to the country’s football image. Over the years, Jamaica was never short of football talent. However, this was the sporting administrator who had a vision and along with the Brazilian recruit, coach Rene Simoes, attracted the support and acquired the tools to make it happen. The rest is history, as it led to the nation making its entry to the World Cup Final in 1998. A lot has changed since that time. Burrell and his team are now facing a dilemma. With a public who had experienced the sweet taste of this achievement yapping at his heels, seeking more of the same, the terrain after 1998 was always going to be tough. Although the campaign back then was flavoured by an influx of England-based players, there now seems to be less of a desire by the football fraternity to accept them with the enthusiasm with which they were welcomed more than 20 years ago. One of the reasons for the well-voiced reluctance is that the quality of a Deon Burton, a prolific striker, is absent in the present lot. The same can be said about the midfield general, Fitzroy Simpson. With the present crew, the word ‘journeymen’ seems to sum it up perfectly. The current thinking from the football management appears to be that local-based players are not the answer, either. As such, the squad named for the recent friendly against the USA was bereft of those who play their club game in England. It comprised players from Major League Soccer and others from here at home. Coach Theodore Whitmore, despite a 1-0 loss, is reported to be “encouraged” by the team performance, but what is the path forward? QUALITY PLAYERSlast_img read more

Modern Agric Project in Sight for BWI

first_imgMr. Harris in the offices of the Daily ObserverThe MAES projectThe Booker Washington Institute Alumni Association in North America (BWIAANA) has promised to construct a large modern agriculture project on the campus of the institution in Kakata, Margibi County. The establishment of the project, which could be used as a demonstration site for the school, will commence very soon, BWIAANA president, Eric Harris told the Daily Observer recently in an exclusive interview.He said the project is modeled after the Muirkirk Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) of the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), a highly innovative farming program that researches sustainable and organic agriculture techniques and applies them to an urban agricultural setting through modernized farming methods. The MAES is a144-acre research farm project that is serving as a model in US; and as such, BWIAANA, is on the verge of being replicated at BWI, Harris said.BWIAANA, according to Mr. Harris, is presently in the process of getting finance to support this project, “so that’s what we are working on.”The station’s Sustainable Agriculture Program teach gardeners how to use these techniques to increase productivity in their urban gardens despite the size of the available area. Muirkirk also seeks to limit the use of commercial chemical fertilizers and toxic chemicals for pest control which can have harmful effects on the environment and human health.“And this is what we want to be bring at BWI, which is a very good agricultural and vocational institution,” the BWIAANA president said. “I’m from the Washington D. C area. The University of the District of Columbia has a farm just outside of D. C; we heard about this farm, which is used as a pilot project for farmers across the world. This is how we conceived the idea.“We were invited and we went and toured the farm and we saw for ourselves a very unique project that we can replicate at BWI. We saw some of the crops they grow, how they harvested and packaged their products. We want to prioritize that training aspect of the project back home here; knowing that BWI, being an agric institution, we thought that this would be a very unique project for our institution.”Harris was on a brief mission here geared towards reestablishing the working relationship between the association on the ground and the school administration.“I’m here to launch an agric project on the BWI campus; a training project that will not only feed the students, but also train them how to preserve, package, grow their food and also help to create some kind of monetary value for the schools,” he said.“We are hoping to do this very soon; we were on campus last Saturday and visited the spot. We earmarked some of the things that we need to begin to do. We also visited areas that will definitely help to support this project.”He said the site has been selected and the area has been cleared. Students have already begun growing some vegetable crops in an effort to keep the grass out until the actually project commences very soon.Under the project, students will learn the use of techniques to obtain maximum productivity in urban gardens without the use of excessive amounts of commercial chemical fertilizers for plants, nutrients and toxic chemicals and to control insects and diseases. The station uses composted waste for supplying land nutrients, and ways to increase plant resistance to reduce diseases and insect attacks.Muirkirk Farm, which BWI intends to model its project after, came into its own during 2013. Its new construction and initiatives include:Aquaponic facility, solar well, micro-greens plot, 4 greenhouses, organic compost processing and production site. 2013 also offered Muirkirk the chance to implement two important projects: the Specialty Crops and Ethnic Crops programs.BWIAANA, according to Mr. Harris, is presently in the process of getting finance to support this project, “so that’s what we are working on.”“Because of the huge nature of the project, it has been broken down into phases. The association has already come up with the proposal of phase one which is in the tune of US$65, 000,” Harris said.That part of the project will contribute to lighting and provision of energy through the solar panel system and supply of water in the field (the irrigation system), he said, adding that the first phase, which is the most important to achieving the other phases, will be completed as soon as possible.“This is the most important to the rest of the project so we want it done meticulously. The rest of the project will be centered on growing crops, vegetables, etc. So once we get through with phase one we think two and three will be a little easier. Some vegetables earmarked already include cucumber, pepper, potatoes greens, cabbage and others. Those are the kinds of crops we will be considering under this project,” he said.Meanwhile, BWIAANA, which has 14 chapters and four zones, has been in existence since 1992. Harris said the association just celebrated its 25th anniversary “where we had a great turnout.”“We have always been there for our school; we have worked with past administrations helping to improve the lives of students on campus. The association had earlier helped in revitalizing the clinic on campus and sent an ambulance for use by the clinic,” he added.Meanwhile, Harris has called on the alumni to join rank with the group on the ground as well as the administration to help move the institution forward. “We got a lot a work to do on campus to help create a more vibrant and better learning environment,” he said in closing.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

“Big Sunday” volunteer program expanded to two days

first_img“When we started this, it was with the slogan of `Everyone helps, everyone wins,”‘ said David Levinson, a screenwriter who launched the program. “Since that, it has grown organically, where people get involved through their church or synagogue and tell people about it at their work or learn about it at work and bring it elsewhere. We think it has become a go-to L.A. event like the Oscars or the marathon.” More than 32,000 volunteers signed up last year when Villaraiogsa threw his support behind the program, combining it with a “Day of Service” effort he had launched in his district when he served on the City Council. This year, city departments and the Los Angeles Unified School District also are joining in the effort. Councilwoman Wendy Greuel said the effort reaches beyond specific volunteer programs. “This is about bringing communities together to get involved in cleaning up our city, in getting involved,” Greuel said. For information on the program, go to or call (323) 936-1419. — Rick Orlov, (213) 978-0390rick.orlov@dailynews.com160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Setting an ambitious goal of drawing 50,000 volunteers, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and supporters of the annual “Big Sunday” program announced plans today to broaden the community service program into a two-day effort. “This is about the city – making the city believe in itself,” Villaraigosa said at a City Hall news conference this morning. “There is only so much that we as elected officials can do. It takes people getting involved to make a difference.” The program, which began in 1999 at Temple Israel in Hollywood with 300 volunteers, will now be held April 28-29. Project locations range from Ventura County to Fontana and involve everything from graffiti cleanup, tree planting, mentoring youth and visiting with seniors. last_img

Mourinho anticipating quiet summer transfer window for champions Chelsea

first_imgChelsea manager Jose Mourinho expects the summer transfer market to be “like Wall Street collapsing” as the Blues’ Premier League title rivals rivals attempt to reel in his champion side.Manchester United have already bought Holland winger Memphis Depay for £25million and are rumoured to be considering a £40m bid for Tottenham’s Harry Kane – though Spurs goalkeeper Brad Friedel told talkSPORT the club will not give up their prize asset.Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba and Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale, the subject of the world record transfer of £85m from Spurs, have also been linked with moves for astronomical fees this summer.Chelsea did their business early last summer, with the key purchases of Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas significantly aiding their title win with three matches to spare.And Mourinho is in no rush to enter the bidding this summer.“I expect to be busy walking from my towel in the sand to the water, swim a little bit and be back to the sun again. That’s where I expect to be busy,” said Mourinho, speaking ahead of Monday’s game at West Brom.“I’m in a different position to last season. Last season I was more than keen for my club to sell some players. At this moment I’m very happy to keep my players.”There will be some outgoings and incomings – “a little bit everywhere” – but Mourinho hopes goalkeeper Petr Cech will stay at Stamford Bridge despite being displaced as first choice by Thibaut Courtois.Cech’s agent, Viktor Kolar, has said the 32-year-old has been permitted to speak to other clubs, with Arsenal, Liverpool, Besiktas, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain reported to be interested.“The base last year was to sell some to buy some. The base this season is to keep my squad,” Mourinho added.“I don’t know that it’s absolutely true what the agent is saying.“Maybe it is, but the player has contract with Chelsea and Chelsea will have a very important say in the decision.“I keep saying the same: I want my best players. Petr is one of my best players.“I want my important players. Petr is one of my important players, so I would like him to stay and that’s my position.“Yes, I’m optimistic that he can be here next year.” 1 Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho last_img read more


first_imgRaphoeRAPHOE NOTES: Raphoe Family Resource Centre:Mind Your Mental Health Workshop The Family Resource Centre in association with Mental Health Ireland is hosting a workshop on minding your mental health on Tuesday 31st May 2016 from 2-5pm in The Volt House Hall. The workshop is free to participants. Mind Your Mental Health is a mental health awareness workshop developed by Mental Health Ireland. It offers participants the opportunity to reflect on this important aspect of their lives and to learn different ways to enhance their own mental health and wellbeing.Mind Your Mental Health is delivered in four units: 
1. Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing
2. Stress and Thinking Patterns
3. Mental Health Difficulties, Recovery and Support
4. Minding Your Mental Health StrategiesPlaces are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Contact the Family Resource Centre on 074-9145796/087-3641503.Something Special Support GroupThe next meeting of the group will take place at 8.00pm on Tuesday 10th May in the Family Resource Centre, The Volt House, Raphoe. If you are a parent/guardian of a child with delayed communication or learning skills or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) you will find support, advice and information by attending this Support Group. New members are always welcome. If you would like more information about the Support Group please contact Melanie on 074-9145796/087-3641503.Date for your diary Raphoe Annual 5k road race hosted by Raphoe Family Resource Centre in association with Lifford/Strabane A.C. will this year take place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 5th July. Raphoe 5k is one of the races in Donegal Athletics Board Grand Prix Programme. Last year’s race which was kindly sponsored by Coyle’s Centra Raphoe was won by Ivan Toner in a time of 16:35. The first woman home was Sarah Kivlehan in a time of 19:37.Drop-in TuesdaysDrop-in Tuesdays continue in the Family Resource Centre in the Volt House on Tuesdays from 10.30-11.30am. The Drop-in provides the opportunity for members of the community to call in for a cup of tea and a chat. Local and daily papers will be available so you can catch up on local, national and international news. The Drop-in is free so why not come along and join us?Donegal Youth Service Community Employment ProjectA vacancy is soon to arise for Youth Worker with Raphoe Family Resource Centre. Hours are 19.5 hours per week. Applicants must be eligible for DSP Community Employment (terms and conditions apply). Contact your local DSP Office. For further details or application form contact: Lee Stephenson 074 – 91 29630 or send C.V. (with PPS Number and Date of Birth) to Lee Stephenson, CE Supervisor, Donegal Youth Service, 16-18 Port Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal or email or call in to Raphoe Family Resource Centre in The Volt House. 50-50 Bonus BallThe winner of our weekly 50 / 50 Bonus ball was Eddie Harkin, winning number 17.To enter the next Bonus Ball Draw please call into the Family Resource Centre in The Volt House before Saturday of each week. Good luck!Seniors Alert SchemeThe objective of the Seniors Alert Scheme is to encourage community support for vulnerable older people in our communities through the provision of personal monitored alarms to enable older persons of limited means to continue to live securely in their homes with confidence, independence and peace of mind.Funding is available under the scheme towards the purchase of equipment by a registered organisation i.e. personal alarm and/or pendant. The associated monitoring and service charges must be paid by the participant. A person will be eligible if he or she is:• Aged 65 years or older; and• Of limited means or resources; and• Living alone, living with another person who meets the eligibility criteria; and• Resides within geographical area of the relevant registered organisation; and• Able to benefit from the equipment supplied; and• Are prepared to maintain contact with the registered organisation.Raphoe Family Resource Centre has now taken over the administration of the Scheme. Therefore, if you or anyone you know are eligible for the scheme please do not hesitate to contact Laura at Raphoe Family Resource Centre on (074)9145796 or 0873641503 or alternatively call into our office located on the second floor of The Volt House, Raphoe.Raphoe Boxing ClubOn Saturday night last Raphoe boxers Aaron McDaid, Liam McMonagle and Oran Devine were in action at a major tournament in the Ballyliffen Hotel. Aaron turned in a stylish display of ringcraft when he outpointed Flynn Doherty, St. Bridgets, whilst Liam McMonagle was red-hot on the night when he outpointed the strongly fancied Emmett Diver, Clonmany. Oran Devine can count himself very unlucky to lose out on a split decision to Hugh Doherty, St. Bridgets. Well done to all three boxers.The Raphoe club has now closed for the summer break and once again the Raphoe Club featured as one of the busiest clubs in Donegal at both tournaments and championships. The officers of the Raphoe Club would like to sincerely thank all the boxers who represented the club during the season and look forward to seeing them all back at the club in August.Everyone at the Raphoe Boxing Club would like to extend congratulations to local badminton super-star, Chloe Magee who has just qualified for her third Olympic games to be held in Rio, Brazil in the summer. What an achievement. Good Luck in Rio! You always do the sporting town of Raphoe proud.Raphoe Tidy TownsRaphoe Tidy Towns Ltd. Community Appeal 2016. The Application for the town has now arrived and will be sent off before the 20th of May this year. Judging will be during the months of June, July and August. Thank you to everyone in our community for your great support over the years. You can help this year by tidying your gardens, painting, weeding, keeping your area litter free, putting out window boxes or hanging baskets. If you are the owner of a derelict or run down property please help the town by tidying up before the end of May. Remember our deadline is the end of May. Financial donations, donations of shrubs, flowers, plants, paint etc. will be very welcome. Your help is needed and appreciated very much. Thank You. For further information please contact the Tidy Towns Office on 9145692.Application forms for any future Vacancies with Raphe Tidy Towns are now available from the Tidy Towns Office. Please contact the Supervisor on 9145692 or call in for an application form. Please note that eligibility criteria for Community Employment apply to all posts. Thank You.GENERATION HOPECome join us at a viewing of our new filmGeneration HopeMary’s MealsLYIT : Lecture theatre 1452Date: Monday 9th MayTime: 8pmGeneration Hope – which features Hollywood star Gerard Butler and highlights the difference a nutritious daily meal in school can make for children living in the world’s most impoverished communities – will form part of the programme at the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival in May. In association with Marys Meals and LYITPlease note that items for the Raphoe Notes should be placed in the box provided in the Post Office on or before 12 noon on Fridays. Items can also be emailed to or handed in to the Family Resource Centre, The Volt House. Items should be submitted at least one week in advance of publication of local press.DD COMMUNITY: RAPHOE SENIORS INVITED TO JOIN ALERT SCHEME was last modified: May 6th, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalRaphoe noteslast_img read more

Sales & Services: Learn to drive with these ADI Approved driving instructors

first_imgDonegal Daily’s new Sales & Services section gives you a list of the top businesses and services within Donegal.The Sales & Services section is now live on our website so if you require any business have a look at our brand new section for contact information.The purpose of EDT(Essential Driver training) is to save lives by maximising the safety of inexperienced drivers and helping them to develop the skills and confidence needed to share the road safely with others. Time2Drive Time2Drive school of motoring is run by Margaret Devine. Time2Drive has been helping new drivers pass their driving test first time since 2009.Margaret’s high pass rate and experience makes students feel at ease learning to drive.“I work at your pace and help you if you are nervous to overcome your fears and enjoy the skill of driving.” – Margaret told Donegal Daily. Click here to view contact details for Time2Drive or visit their website to view the latest deals & offers.Focus School of MotoringDriving School based in Letterkenny specialising in 12 (EDT)Essential Driving training Course also pre-test lessons, also car can be hired out for  driving test.Focus School of Motoring provides dual controlled car/cars for pupils to take their lessons. Pupils may also take lessons in their own car once they are deemed to have sufficient experience. Drivers of all ages and levels of experience are welcome. From time to time you may be able to avail of discounts when taking lessons with Focus School of Motoring for more information just call Liam.Click here to view contact details for Focus School of Motoring or visit their website to view discounts and latest deals. If you would like to get your business listed on Donegal Daily’s Business directory then please contact Hugh on 087 164 1160 or Don on 085 850 4125.Sales & Services: Learn to drive with these ADI Approved driving instructors was last modified: August 30th, 2016 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:driving lessonsfocus school of motoringsales & servicestime2drivelast_img read more


first_imgMickey Harte will be facing Donegal in BallybofeyDonegal will face Tyrone in the preliminary round of the Ulster Senior Championship on Sunday May 17th 2015 at home in MacCumhaill Park Ballybofey, the county board has announced.Should the game require a reply it will be the following Saturday, 23rd May 2015, in Omagh.Should Donegal progress to the Quarter Final, Donegal will play Armagh in the Athletic Grounds in Armagh City. The U21 Footballers will face Cavan on the Wednesday the 18th March in MacCumhaill Park. GAA NEWS: DONEGAL TO PLAY TYRONE AT MacCUMHAILL PARK ON MAY 17 was last modified: October 15th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegal v tyroneMay 2015Ulster Championshiplast_img read more

KCCA school Mtibwa to take charge of Confederations Cup tie

first_imgKCCA will play the return leg against Mtibwa in eight days (file photo)CAF Confederations cup KCCA FC 3-0 Mtibwa SugarStarTimes Stadium, LugogoSaturday, 15-12-2018LUGOGO – KCCA FC produced a dominant performance as they defeated Mtibwa Sugar 3-0 in the CAF Confederations Cup first round 1st leg tie at the StarTimes in Lugogo.Three second half goals by Allan Kyambadde, Patrick Kaddu and Allan Okello did the damage for Mike Mutebi’s side who could have easily scored seven or more on the day.KCCA dominated the early exchanges applying pressure onto the Mtibwa goal.The first chance of the game fell to Allan Okello who unleashed a shot from outside the area but Mtibwa goalkeeper Shaaban Shaaban was on hand to collect comfertably.Five minutes later, Jafari Kibaya was at the receiving end of Mtibwa’s first chance, heading weakly at Charles Lukwago in the KCCA goal.On 11 minutes, Allan Kyambadde shot straight at Shaaban after a neat one two with Okello. Moments later, the former SC Villa midfielder was at it again, blazing over after Shaaban saved Kaddu’s looping effort.With 19 minutes played, Issa Issa headed over following a Salum Kihimbwa corner and at the other end, Kaddu failed to connect with a Kizza cross while one on one with Shaaban.The first yellow card of the game was shown to KCCA Captain Timothy Awanyi for a foul on Ismail Mhesa with the Mtibwa winger trying to ignite a counter-attack.At the half hour mark, Ally Yusuph was shown yellow for a sliding challenge on Lawrence Bukenya as the visitors tried to see out the remaining minutes of the first half.Two minutes later, Kyambadde was guilty of missing another chance as he headed wide a Kizza cross, while unmarked in the area.On 37minutes, it was Kizza’s turn to waste an opportunity as the left-back shot tamely at Shaaban after he was played in by Nunda. At the other end, Kibaya saw an effort kiss the over-side of the cross bar while one on one with Lukwago, in the visitor’s best chance of the half.Despite more relentless pressure, KCCA could not break Mtibwa down in the first half and both sides were sent into the break still locked at 0-0.The second half started like the first with KCCA applying the early pressure and eventually got their reward on 49 minutes when Kyambadde’s fierce drive was fumbled by Shaaban before it crossed the line to put the Kasasiros ahead, 1-0.Despite the goal, KCCA didnot stop attacking as Nunda headed wide of the target on 55 minutes after he was played in by Filbert Obenchan.Two minutes later, Kaddu also headed straight at Shaaban following Obenchan’s wonderful run down the right.The first substitution of the game saw Muzamir Mutyaba replace Gift Ali as KCCA looked to apply more pressure upfront.KCCA always looked like they would add onto their tally but it couldn’t happen for Mike Mutebi’s side and on 69 minutes, Kaddu shot wide after he was played in by Okello.Nunda who was brilliant all day saw his effort expertly tipped over by Shaaban on 73 minutes after the lanky-midfielder  was played in by Kyambadde’s cross from the right. Moments later, Kizza unleashed a fierce drive that was fisted away by Shaaban.The second goal would eventually come with 15 minutes to play, Kaddu heading in Kyambadde’s cross and calm the many nerves at Lugogo.KCCA’s last substitution saw Suleiman Mutyaba replace Nunda with 10 minutes to play.Mtibwa tried to mount a late charge to at least pull a goal back but they could not breach the KCCA back-line.With three minutes on the clock, Okello made it 3-0 off a curling effort from just outside the box after he was teed up by substaitute Suleiman Mutyaba.After today’s victory, KCCA FC will go into the return leg next week confident progressing to the Group stages of the competition.KCCA FC:Charles Lukwago (gk), Filbert Obenchan, Timothy Awanyi, Hassan Musana, Lawrance Bukenya, Mustapha Kizza, Gift Ali, Allan Okello, Allan Kyambadde, Jackson Nunda, Patrick Kaddu.Mtibwa Sugar:Shaaban Shaaban (gk), Dickson Mbeiky, Shaaban Nditi (c), Ismail Mhesa, Cassian Cassian, Awadh Issa, Salum Kihimbwa, Ally Yusuph, Jafari Kibaya, Issa Issa, Ally SharifuComments Tags: CAF Confederations Cup 2018/19KCCA FCMtibwa Sugartoplast_img read more