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in all kinds of furniture, it will undoubtedly be a lot of people’s favorite, but now the furniture market brands have what dragons and fishes jumbled together, make it difficult for consumers to choose. In fact, Chinese cypress are mainly distributed in the vicinity of the Yangtze River Basin, which belongs to the cypress evergreen trees, with some very unique characteristics, it is because of this cypress is generally made of wood furniture. Then, wood furniture which brand is good? Come and look at it.

ranking: cedar cypress furniture home

wood furniture which brand is good? Cypress house brand is an important brand of Shenzhen Sanyou Furniture Company Limited under the. The design of the bed, sofa furniture with European luxury and cumbersome, emphasizing the "return to nature", the pursuit of a European style and rural American style.

cedar furniture ranked two: shubaishijia

wood furniture which brand is good? Shubaishijia with "good furniture, made of cedar, cypress building Chinese furniture brand" concept, adhere to the finest cedar 100% finest natural cedar furniture, think different, produce the best wood furniture.

cypress furniture ranked three: Bai Home Furnishing

wood furniture which brand is good? Bai Home Furnishing by cypress wood clear, rich oil, natural day brighter color visual characteristics, design and development of Bai Home Furnishing series furniture garden, leisure, hope for the people to create a relaxed family atmosphere of the resort. Hope that the spirit can be completely relaxed, the eyes of the world is more beautiful.

cedar furniture ranked four: a Bai Jia

wood furniture which brand is good? A variety of home furniture style, a large number of series, fresh pastoral wind, simple European style, modern fashion wind, etc., to meet the different needs of consumers.

cypress furniture ranked five: Berlin source

wood furniture which brand is good? Chengdu Berlin source Furniture Co., Ltd. is the natural cypress manufacturing enterprises raw materials processing production of pure solid wood furniture, furniture company is located in Chengdu Industrial Park, with domestic and foreign advanced complete sets of cedar furniture manufacturing equipment, hired a number of senior technical staff and management experts, more than by material and skill to produce the Berlin source series and cypress square series, covering Home Furnishing the life of every fashion space.

ranked six: Essen cypress cedar furniture furniture

wood furniture which brand is good? The city of Chengdu

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