Open the door on the fire tricks

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who do not want their own business, once opened the door, it can be normal business, and then business hot, unlimited profit? However, after all, this is not an easy thing, we must have some skills, here Xiaobian for everyone to introduce some.

trick two: "out of thin air" to open up sales channels

trick three: large enterprises share

the symbiosis or commensalism, also from the nature of two independently living but also to life in a certain phenomenon between metonymy enterprises and enterprises complementary advantages and common management mode of survival.

advantage can not share, exclusive only profit, profit is the enterprise survival and development of the. For small businesses, if the big companies that the market outlook is very large, the future certainly not, then you simply do not do. Because once large enterprises settle on the market, how can you get shopping? The only way to survive is inventive, to create their own unique market.

trick five: learn to do "second


will be "second" is not really by, but can be tasted more sweetness from the "second", so that their own business at the outset can borrow "ride" profits.

trick six: how to channel priority

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