ESA blocks Ouya stand outside E3 with trucks calls police

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first_imgE3 is a big deal for the games companies that choose to attend as it garners the full attention of the gaming press, helps build up to the release of new games or hardware, and no doubt sees more than a few deals done behind closed doors. It’s also a big deal for the company that runs the show–the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), simply because it earns them a lot of money.One company that decided not to attend E3, and therefore didn’t pay the ESA any money, was Ouya. Instead, they rented a lot across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Center where E3 is being held, and setup stands to show off the Ouya console to anyone passing. They called it the Ouya Park, and made sure people knew where it was with well-placed banners like the one below.The ESA didn’t like this and so rented the lots in front of where Ouya had its stand. Two trucks were then parked in front of the Ouya presence to block them from view. The response from Ouya was to rent the lots in front of the trucks and erect banners. At that point the ESA called the police.The problem is, neither company actually did anything wrong so the police couldn’t take any action. So what we are left with is a stand off which Ouya currently seems to be winning. However, there’s still a couple of days of E3 left, and I get the feeling the ESA isn’t going to leave things as they are. They clearly see what Ouya is doing as a way of attending E3 without paying for the privilege. Where as you could also view it as a cost effective way of promoting a new console at a location where lots of gamers will be.Ouya founder Julie Uhrman has vowed to continue fighting and figure out a way around any new blocks the ESA tries to enforce. This could get interesting.last_img

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