Researchers aim to revolutionize the home with GravitySpace a video smartfloor

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first_imgWe’re currently living in a world where computers are as thin as coloring books, and we keep other computers that can make phone calls in our pockets. At CES 2013 a couple weeks ago, we found that prominent tech companies are attempting to make televisions a lot more advanced than they currently are. Now, if a team from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany has any say in it, your floor is about to be the next household object to become technologically advanced.Perhaps the craziest part about Hasso’s ideal smartfloor, dubbed GravitySpace, is that it learns its own geometry. That doesn’t mean it will become sentient and start creating bumps on the floor to trip passersby, but that means it can locationally display information based on what and who is in the room, including interactive video.The floor wouldn’t just be a standalone item, as the Institute envisions it being part of a full smartroom. Interestingly, the current smartfloor design — which measures in at eight square meters — identifies people and objects based on their weight, but an infrared camera is still involved in the tracking process. The system is composed of a glass sheet installed on top of a hole in a floor. Beneath the sheet lies an infrared camera to help with tracking people and objects, as well as projector that shoots video up onto the surface. The floor also sports infrared LEDs and a pressure-sensitive rubbery film.When people step on the pressure-sensitive film, it obstructs the infrared LEDs, which in turn help create a footprint that is sent off to a computer and analyzed. The software recognizes what the object is, then has the projector display an appropriate video on the floor.Rather than just tell you where your bed is, GravitySpace could be used as an automatic on and off switch for various items — walk in the room, and the lights and television turn on. The smartfloor could also be used for security purposes, letting you know that someone is walking around in a room in which no one is supposed to be.If a smartfloor sounds like something that you just can’t live without, head on over to the Hasso Plattner Institute’s site for more information.last_img

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