OnLive confirmed for Ouya

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first_imgWhen the Ouya games console first popped up on our radar it promised to really shake things up in the gaming space. What better than a $99 machine the size of a Rubik’s Cube and running Android and free-to-play games to wake up the competition?What followed was a record-breaking KickStarter campaign that has so far raised over $5.5 million dollars and seen tens of thousands of backers pre-order the console.An update has been added to the Ouya KickStarter page today that is sure to see that figure rise even higher, though. It has been confirmed that cloud gaming service OnLive will be available on the machine, opening up the potential for games from a range of platforms to be run on the console.This is a major addition to Ouya’s line-up as it effectively means you gain access to PC and console games, as well as gaming experiences far beyond what the hardware inside the Ouya could ever cope with. Not to mention a range of retro classics to choose from. OnLive is promising hundreds of games from a list of over 80 publishers, with up to 30 minutes of free play time per game before deciding whether to purchase or not.With OnLive tying up with this independent games console, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft decides to do with regards to allowing its games on OnLive. We could see limited OnLive releases for games that are released on Xbox 360, simply because Ouya will be viewed as a competitor. Sony on the other hand wouldn’t be sharing with OnLive regradless of this announcement. That Gaikai acqusition recently allows it to set its own course in the cloud gaming space.Read more at KickStarterlast_img

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