Maximize your geek with Mimocos Millennium Falcon microSD reader

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first_imgWe may be marching towards a cloud-connected world where all of our data exists on the other side of a password, but for right now I still carry a flash drive around with me. In fact, I have a couple of flash drives, and I routinely lose all of them. Flash drives are small, inexpensive, and look almost exactly the same no matter where you get the from.In other words, if you are with a group of people and you find yourself in need of a flash drive, chances are they will probably all end up looking very similar. Unless, of course, you had a Mimobot. For a couple of years now the team at Mimoco have been making some of the coolest flash drives I have ever seen. Their drives are all wrapped in cleverly designed images from everyone’s favorite sci-fi and fantasy goodies.From Emily the Strange to Master Chief, these guys make some really neat looking flash drives. Now Mimoco are branching out to handle your microSD cards as well, with a new line of readers they call MimoMicro.The gadget itself is incredibly simple, and not at all new. Insert the microSD card into the slot, and pop the USB stick in the computer. You can access all of the data on the card and pop it back into your phone or camera, or you can leave it in the MimoMicro and enjoy your shiny new flash drive. It works exactly as expected. The MimoMicro does come with a keychain clip as well, so you can attach it to whatever you want for rapid access. What sets it apart, like all of Mimoco’s products, is how incredibly cool they look. Sure, I could grab a cheap microSD card reader off amazon for a few bucks, or I could make every other geek I know insanely jealous when I pull out the Millennium Falcon.MimoMicro’s are $13, and currently you can get them in a variety of Star Wars related designs as well as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Mimoco also sells their own branded microSD cards, starting at 4GB for $9 and 32GB for $50. If you’ve been looking for a microSD card reader, or you just really want a mini Yoda to clip to your keychain, the MimoMicro reader has you covered.last_img

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