Nokia CTO Richard Green takes leave of absence

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first_imgAfter only a year on the job, Nokia’s chief technology officer Richard Green has taken a leave of absence. Nokia said it is for a “personal matter,” and Green’s return date is still to be determined. The big question is if Green really left for personal reasons, or was this sparked by Nokia’s decision to switch from the MeeGo and Symbian operating systems over to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7?According to the Helsingin Sanomat, a Finnish newspaper, Green was unhappy with the new decisions to abandon the plans to continue with the MeeGo OS.Though Nokia is still the world’s No. 1 mobile phone maker, its market share is continually declining as Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone smartphones pick up the slack. A year ago, Nokia’s first-quarter share of the overall cell phone market was at 33 percent. That number dropped four percent this year as Nokia’s first-quarter share fell to 29 percent. According to Bloomberg, Nokia “slashed its sales and profit forecasts” last week, which caused Nokia stock to drop to the lowest price it’s been in 13 years.Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop is still denying the rumors that the company is up for sale and will be bought by Microsoft. Still, after Nokia and Microsoft struck a deal back in March to bring Windows Phone 7 to Nokia phones, some analysts think this may be a sign that Microsoft will eventually buy Nokia. Elop plans to make up for the slow year by releasing its Windows Phones at the end of this year or early next year.But the Windows Phone launch is not the only thing Nokia has in mind to get its numbers back up. The Finnish phone company is trying to save money, and announced in April that it would get rid of 12 percent of its employees worldwide. Nokia cut 4,000 jobs and outsourced another 3,000 to Accenture, a company that focuses on technology consulting and technology outsourcing.Green will be replaced by Henry Tirri, head of the Nokia Research Center. Do you think Green will be back, or has he had it with Nokia for good?Read more at NYTlast_img

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