EightTrack Tape Museum Opens in Texas

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first_imgMiss your old eight-tracks? Good news, now you can go to Texas to look at the things behind glass. The media, which has been obsolete for nearly a quarter of a century, is the focus of a new Dallas-based museum. The Eight Track Museum, which opened in Texas this Monday, is music historian Bucks Burnett’s labor of love. Burnett’s museum is less about the music than the package–you won’t actually be able to listen to the tapes if you pop in. “I am focusing on the cartridges themselves as visual objects,” he told AOL. “If you want the music, listen to a CD or MP3. When you see an exhibit on ancient Egypt, you don’t get to pick up an Egyptian spoon.”Burnett’s museum also offers a little love for other obsolete formats, from the Edison Wax Cylinder to the cassette tape. “We will even have a gift store that will sell music in these formats,” he explained, describing what is sounding more and more like a record store.last_img

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