Duke of Kent 83 involved in car crash with student in Brighton

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Olivia Fellows’ care was written off after the collisionCredit:Facebook Olivia Fellows “As I put on the brakes, my car span towards the central reservation and smashed into it. I clipped the curb and buckled the wheel arch of my car.”The airbags went off and there was smoke coming from the engine.”I was in shock, completely stunned. My right arm was in agony from hitting the airbag. And I was in denial. I could see the mangled wreckage of my car and was trying to convince myself that it could be fixed.” He later wrote a letter to the crash victim,  Ellie Townsend, saying he had “failed to see the car coming” and blamed the bright winter sun that was low in the sky.He wished her a “speedy recovery from a very distressing experience” and said he felt “very contrite about the consequences.” “It sounds like the Duke should have stopped if he knew what had happened.“This could have been a very serious accident and the signs point to driving without due care and attention. This is when the standard of your driving is lower than that of a reasonable, prudent and competent driver.“The police need to investigate what happened and the Duke must be spoken to under caution. This is likely to involve the police attending his home, where he would have legal representation.The lawyer, who has been dubbed ‘Mr Loophole’ added: “In this country there are more older drivers on the road than ever. I have been an advocate of a mandatory eye test every two years for drivers over the age of 70. As it stands, we are reliant on a system where people report themselves.”The time has come for it to be made a legal requirement to visit a doctor who will test if your are fit or unfit to drive and report that to the DVLA.”The incident comes just months after Prince Philip rolled his Land Rover after a collision with a mother-of-two on the A149, near the Queen’s Sandringham estate.The Duke, 97, was pictured back at the wheel just two days later, not wearing a seatbelt, which was deemed “insensitive and inconsiderate” to the victims. It is not known if the Duke was aware that there had been an accident at the time of the collision.A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “A royal household vehicle was involved indirectly in a collision on June 2 in Sussex. All the relevant details have been passed to the police.”A spokesman for Sussex Police confirmed: “Police were called to a collision on the A27 at Firle around 8.30pm on Sunday 2 June. “A vehicle collided with the central reservation close to the junction with Lacys Hill, reportedly after avoiding colliding with another vehicle. No injuries were reported and enquiries are ongoing.” Solicitor Nick Freeman says that drivers over the age of 70 must have eye tests every two yearsCredit:Kirsty O’Connor/PA Nick Freeman, a lawyer who specialises in traffic and motoring offences told The Telegraph: “We are looking at three separate offences here. The first is driving without due care and attention, which can carry a penalty of 3-9 points and a discretionary ban.“The second, more serious charge is failing to stop, which carries between 5-10 points, a discretionary driving ban and a custodial sentence of up to 26 weeks.“Then there is failing to report an accident which also carries 5-10 penalty points, a discretionary driving ban and a custodial sentence of up to 26 weeks.“This is significant because if you have been involved in any way, you must stop and exchange particulars. Solicitor Nick Freeman arriving at court The Duke of Kent could face a police investigation after he was involved in a car crash with a student in Brighton.The 83-year-old cousin of the Queen was driving a Jaguar when he allegedly pulled out in front of Olivia Fellows’ Mini on the A27 on 2 June.The 21-year-old, neuroscience student at the University of Sussex told Mail Online she was driving at 60mph and crashed into the central reservation after she swerved to avoid him. “I saw the Jag to my left and it looked like he was going to go, then hesitated and changed his mind and went to go again,” she said.”He shot across the road. But it was so close that if I hadn’t emergency braked I would have gone straight into the middle of his car.

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