CAG asks why Tharoor was paid $30,000

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first_imgThe CAG has exposed another incident of high spending by the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee. It has questioned why Shashi Tharoor was paid 30,000 dollars for attending the OC office for 12 days.The CAG has revealed that the OC hired Tharoor for his international exposure. They planned to use his services to influence national and international communities in order to ensure successful staging of the Games.The audit found that Tharoor attended the OC office for four days each in September and October 2008 and then again in January 2009. He charged a fee of $2500 per day during this period.Payments were made to a Dubai branch of HSBC bank later in 2009 by which time Tharoor had been appointed the minister of state for external affairs.But, Tharoor has clarified saying that he was not a part of the government when he rendered his services to the CWG.He said, “My association with CWG as a consultant relates to a different phase of my life, when I was a private citizen with no relationship to the government. It seems the CWG was inefficient enough to make the payments late, but the activities paid for are for a period well before I entered public life.”In fact, Tharoor also says that the amount he charged was far below the fee he used to command just to make a single speech.The OC is yet to provide details of Tharoor’s contribution.last_img

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