Psychiatric Hospital patient choked on meat – PM report

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first_imgNational Psychiatric Hospital– more staff needed at facility – Head RHCAn autopsy performed on the body of 27-year-old Stephon Francis, who died at the National Psychiatric Hospital in Berbice, proved that he died as a result of choking on a piece of meat.The post-mortem was conducted by Dr Vivakanand Bridgemohan at the New Amsterdam Hospital on Tuesday.The dead young man of Kitty, Georgetown, was reportedly involved in a fight at Chalet Four on Sunday evening. During the scuffle, he reportedly fell and was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he died while receiving medical attention.Police had initially arrested two patients in connection with the man’s death but following the revelation of the post-mortem report, the two men were reportedly escorted back to the Psychiatric Hospital.The now dead man was taken to the medical facility about a week ago and was admitted a substance abuse patient. This was not the first time he was admitted to the institution.Following Sunday’s incident, Director of Regional Health Services Jevaughn Steven told Guyana Times that 40 per cent of patients at the institution are there for substance abuse.“We have to take care of them because the court order states that it must be sent to the National Psychiatric Hospital,” Steven related.Guyana Times was told that persons would normally be remanded to the National Psychiatric Hospital for observation but would be held at the facility until their next court appearance.However, Steven said that this poses a challenge to the healthcare service.“In most cases, we find that this person to come through the court system and substance abuse patients have a tendency of becoming violent.”In an invited comment, one senior police official highlighted that many lawyers would prefer for their clients to be sent to the Psychiatric Hospital instead of spending jail time.Meanwhile, Attorney-at-Law Joel Edmonds is of the belief that lawyers have to ensure their clients are fit to stand trial in court and more so, noted that the Magistrate has to also ensure the safety of the person on trial.In addition, another lawyer, Adrian Anamayah noted that the situation has always been that way.“Sending persons that are [involved in court cases to the] National Psychiatric Hospital is not for a permanent stay but for them to be evaluated.However, Head of the Regional Health Committee in Region Six, Zamal Hussain said there is a need for more persons to overlook the system at the National Psychiatric Hospital which should also have better management.“Prisoners going there should be put in separate areas. We have some persons who are more violent than others so we need to have those persons separated.”The health committee head noted that $100 million is allocated for the health sector from the national budget just for dietary.“We need to ensure the persons going there are managed properly. On several occasions, I have questioned the management. The Minister of Health told me that they are trying to phase out the National Psychiatric Hospital and putting other systems in place. I think they are paying less attention to the hospital and that is the main reason why we are having casualties.”Dead: Stephon Francislast_img

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