‘LNP Needs more Manpower’

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first_imgThe Liberia National Police Director, Col. Clarence C. Massaquoi, has asserted that in the wake of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) drawdown, Liberia will need a quality force of well-trained men to take over the security sector of the country.Speaking at the headquarters of LNP recently, Col. Massaquoi said, there is a need to build the capacity of the LNP in order to ensure that more men and women are enlisted to protect life and properties.According to the Police Director, the LNP is the leading security agency in the country that will be taking over Liberia in the drawdown of UNMIL by 2017.“We have been able to build the capacity of our officers and the LNP has over 600 college graduates and a little over 300 Master’s degree officers, and we want to assure the public the LNP will only accept high school graduates and not less than that as part of its capacity building program,” he noted. Col. Massaquoi disclosed that the current LNP has more than 600 college graduates as part of his commitments in the restructuring of the LNP and building the capacity of the country’s dependable security force.“We have recently deployed over 100 officers in the rural areas and additional 200 are expected to be deployed in the rural areas as part of our plan amidst UNMIL drawdown.  We will make sure LNP has more security in both the rural and urban areas,” he assured. According to the Police Director, the government has competing priorities including education, health care delivery and electricity.  However, Col. Massaquoi said despite the constraint President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the National Legislature have continued to support the LNP.Also appreciating the United States, Col Massaquoi explained that the American government has been working to ensure that the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) is fully trained and providing uniforms and other opportunities to have them well prepared to the level of other security. “We have built the capacity of the Standard Professional Divisions (SPD) of the LNP and also informed the public about conduct of officers including the issue of bribery and misconducts, stating that anyone found in the act will be suspended, dismissed or have salary cut,” he concluded.The police boss warned the general public of giving bribe to officers in the name of comprising the ethic of policing and creating a situation that undermined the profession, stating that anyone found in the hobby will be sent to court for prosecution.Col. Massaquoi indicated that President Sirleaf’s new appointments in the administrative structure of LNP are highly commendable.The newly appointed officers of the LNP include: William K. Mulbah, Deputy Inspector General for Administration, J. Titus Kimba, Commandant of the National Police Training Academy (NPTA), Weah B. Goll, Chief of Human Resource among others.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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