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first_imgThat is what the members of a course that has started from abruptly. Just when it was going to start, over there March, I know declared the state of alarm in Spain. Each and every member of the current generation had to return to their homes to scrupulously follow the confinement that the Government requires. The FEF solution, in view of the events, was to follow the classes electronically, online.In addition to former Spanish players, the FEF course gives the opportunity to do it to foreign they have made a long career in our country and meet the access requirements. That is why this year they are among the students some like Lauren, Duscher, Catanha (played with Spain), Ibagaza, Etoo or Rafa Márquez.Just as it happens with PRO, they are also working on telematic way during these days those who are doing the UEFA GK B License-Diploma course destined for futures goalkeeping coaches. Miguel Ángel Spain, in charge of this area in lower categories of La Roja, is the one who teaches the subjects.The FEF he doesn’t stop at his idea of train the best coaches. In recent years, the enormous value of the technician trained in Spain has been recognized worldwide. Several of the most powerful clubs in Europe They have recently seen a list of technicians go by who set the bar high: Guardiola, Benítez, Luis Enrique, Valverde, Emery, Lopetegui, Quique Setién, Marcelino … Those who come from behind, those who start today, hope to follow that successful path. At the moment, they have to, given the circumstances, telematically. The 20 students that this year they face the course of PRO coach of the FEF they are living an unexpected experience: learn the trade from telematic way. The coronavirus crisis has altered, but not slowed, a training That consider vital so that they can develop, if they deem it appropriate, the technical professionor in the future.They are not students of any kind. Is about renowned former players, in some cases stars that have been everything in the world of soccer. There are world champions or of Europe like Fernando Towers, Samuel Etoo and Rafa Márquez, in addition to many others who have played in the National Team or for long years in the elite. For a few days the course started, all of them scrupulously connect an hour to follow classes online. There are different subjects and the coordinator is Pep Sansó, director of the Coaching School.The course of the FEF has a special format and is reserved for players with more than 7 years in First or more than 150 games between UEFA and FIFA competitions. A minimum of 7 of these players must request it in writing to be performed. With this modality it is possible take courses A and B at the same time. Then I just would be the PROAlthough for this they must first practice for a time in training categories.Since 2003, year in which the course was inaugurated, have gone through the FEF some of the best current coaches, with special mention for Guardiola, Luis Enrique or Pochettino. One of the last generations saw the bulk of the world champions in 2010 (Xabi Alonso, Xavi, Víctor Valdés, Capdevila, Puyol …), in addition to Raúl. Many are already training and begin to show as future coaches of the highest level.last_img

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