Javi Sánchez: “We have to take advantage of our options”

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first_imgWhen you were offered the chance to come to Valladolid, did you think about it a lot or did you see it as a way to advance your career?The truth is that I felt very lucky, very grateful that this club was interested in me, there were more teams, but I opted for the project and the confidence they showed in me.How do you see the future? Would you like to return on loan next season or would you be prepared for the challenge of staying in the first Madrid team?I do not rule out any of the two options, but now I only think about finishing the season, I want to finish well, without injuries and feeling important in this team.Do you dare to give a result?No idea, I hope it is good for us, in the end Madrid has points to spare and it is sure that it will take many other matches. What has this Real Madrid that started badly, which seemed to be not, but always ends up fighting for titles?Madrid is Madrid, in the end it has world-class players. It seems that there are sections of the game in which it seems that you dominate him, but in any minimal failure, in any error, he penalizes you.How can you beat him?With maximum humility, maximum illusion. It is a very difficult game, they are going to make things very complicated, but surely we are going to have some moment of the game in which we have our option and hopefully take advantage of it.What is it like to be in Ronaldo’s club?Well, it is an illusion, they bet on me, came with the maximum possible desire and with the intention of helping the team to the fullest. Do you understand the position of Lunin and Jorge de Frutos having left this winter market?Yes of course. We are players that we have to play because we are young. We all have the illusion of playing and I understand your position of looking for minutes in another team.From the outside how have you seen the team?Well, confident, he knows what he has to do. It is true that we are not going through a good time, but I sincerely see the calm team, who knows what they have to do at all times. We have a very clear objective, which is salvation, and that is why we will fight.And Real Madrid is coming … you will not be on the field, it has not been called, but in the same way I suppose it will be a special match for you … After five months in Valladolid, he was finally able to debut in Copa against Tenerife, happy?Happy for that long-awaited and expected debut. It was a game in which, in the end, we did not get the victory, so I am left with a bittersweet taste: happy for the official match debut and sad for the defeat, for the elimination.Maybe he came a little right at the end of the game as a result of long time no play?Yes, in the end in the last 20 or 25 minutes the gas ran out, but I gave it my all for the team, so I ended up happy.Of the three players that Real Madrid had yielded to Real Valladolid is the only one who has decided to stay, I imagine that with the intention of ending the injuries and having continuity …Yes, of course, especially to see if they respect my injuries. Let’s see if I’m lucky enough to focus this second part of the season without injury, calmly and see what happens. The truth is that I am looking forward, looking forward to it.There was talk in December that you also thought about going out …Well, I was calm, I was coming from an injury, I had been injured for a long time, I talked to the coach, he gave me the confidence to have continuity and told me to assess the possibilities and, in the end, I decided to stay. The truth is that I was very clear that I wanted to stay. Whatever happens is a very special match. We play against Real Madrid and we know the difficulties that this type of game has. We are going out with all the desire of the world in our field and we want to give a great joy to the fans.last_img

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