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first_imgWhen you watch a baseball game today, it takes as much as a half hour longer because of all of the delays to let the re-call umpires in New York decide a play.  There are so many cameras either on the field or in television booths that can produce slow-motion pictures of what is going on.  The human eye does not have slow motion, so the umpire must make that quick call.  Even the best ones miss one or two.The umpire pool is also more diluted today because of the increased number of teams.  Therefore, the percentage of mediocre officials is going up.  The umpires are also very conscious of the fact that they are being watched, and this might lead to quick decisions that end up as missed calls.The fact that the home plate umpire positions himself to one side or the other of the catcher means he sees one side of the plate better than he does the other.  That makes it harder to see the far side of home plate.  The final thought is that stars get preferential calls–even though the umpires deny this to their grave.  Ask Joe Morgan and Greg Mattox about this.last_img

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