Porn a ‘fact of life’ for Kiwi children with ready access to sexual content, study finds

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first_imgStuff 5 December 2018Family First Comment: No surprises. Time for action and protection of families.A quarter of all children under the age of 12 living in New Zealand have seen pornography, which these days is “as close as the nearest phone”, a report has revealed.The Chief Censor’s NZ Youth and Porn study, released on Wednesday, said two-thirds of those aged between 14 and 17 had been exposed to pornography, and almost half of regular viewers could not stop watching despite wanting to.Regular viewers, young people who viewed porn either monthly, weekly or daily, made up 15 per cent of which 21 were boys and 9 per cent girls.Of those youths 73 per cent used porn as a “learning tool”, which they said had both a positive and negative impacts on them.“On a positive note, porn exposes you to different genres of sex and diversity within roles, but a negative is that people can get exposed to a unrealistic standard of sex,” a 17-year-old girl said in the report.The report found, children were exposed to “violent, aggressive, misogynistic and coercive behaviour” and the majority wanted restrictions placed on the online content.READ MORE:

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