Ponikve educational trail opened in the hinterland of Bakar

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first_imgWhile other destinations in Kvarner were developing as tourists, the city of Bakar, due to industry, has been in tourist isolation for decades. With the departure of Koksara, this city, thanks to the activities of the tourist community, slowly began to revive tourism, primarily through numerous summer events.Wanting to make a step towards the year-round tourist offer, the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar began the spring with the opening of the Ponikve Educational Trail, which is located near the village of Ponikve in the Bakar hinterland. Namely, it is a phenomenon of karst lake that arises and disappears, which has so far intrigued passers-by, but now there will be many more in the Ponikvar valley because all plant, animal, historical and karst features are united in an 8,5 km long educational trail. was realized with the funds of the City of Bakar, the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar and the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.”The Ponikve educational trail was created as an incentive for the local population to recognize Ponikve as an excursion destination throughout the year and as an additional offer for tourists who can get to know the diverse natural heritage of our region in Ponikve. Lake “now it is, now it is not” is a special tourist offer precisely because it is a real magic trick of nature that brings visitors in one moment enjoying the peace and greenery of the rich flora (over 600 plant species and one endemic) which is also the habitat of three large beasts (wolf, bear and lynx) and getting to know the remains of the past by climbing to the Liburnian forts on the slopes with unforgettable views, and at another moment brings a view of the impressive lake and the possibility of diving in it or for a little less brave, a boat ride on its surface. With the first storm, the water recedes and the lake disappears, so Ponikve is an unavoidable destination of the copper hinterland that is always worth visiting because you never know how nature will play and whether you will be greeted by a lake or green valley ideal for a trip and stay in nature., emphasized the director of the Tourist Board Sonja Jelušić Marić and pointed out that the beauty and richness of this landscape can be seen on the website TZ Bakra where there are fascinating photographs taken by diver photographers and a wealth of information about the diversity of Ponikava.In Ponikve, a fascinating and unpredictable game of nature takes place in which the green Ponikvera valley instantly turns into a lake up to 20 m deep when rains and melted snow fill the underground caves with water and it erupts to the surface. Then the forest world becomes underwater and flowering trees in the spring, paths, dry stone walls and hunting lodges become a unique paradise for divers.The lake “now it has it, now it is gone” is a natural phenomenon that is a great basis for various tourist stories, of course the lake itself is a phenomenal story, but it should certainly be enriched with various “spices” ie extensions of tourist stories related to the lake. . One of these is the educational educational trail, and the sequel I hope is yet to come.


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