Are your emails getting any ATTENTION?

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first_img 16SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Neen James Think force of nature. Boundless energy. Timely topics. Laugh out loud fun. Eye opening ideas. Take-aways that ACTUALLY create positive change.  Sound like what YOU’RE looking for? Then Motivational … Web: Details Are you feeling the connection or are you wondering if anyone is out there on the other side of your emails? I get it. These days people are INNUNDATED with a gazillion emails. How do you get NOTICED? If you really want people to both PAY attention to your emails AND write you back, you might have to do some things differently. Here are five strategies to help you ensure your emails stand out from the gazillion: Make sure you have a FABULOUS headline! Capture their attention right from the start. And if you’re one of those “FYI…” headliners? STOP. That’s boring. And unimaginative. And certain to have people hitting a snooze button and moving along to the next message. Oh, and remember – we used to read our emails solely on our computer monitors – now we are reading them on our phones and tablets. Even MORE reason to get that subject line eye-catching!Use people’s names.  It’s a conversation for heaven’s sake! What gets people to pay attention quickly? When they see their name. It’s like a beacon! And if your email addresses multiple people, be sure to use everyone’s name throughout at some point. Teach your team to scan first for their name in group emails for efficiency. Keep it SHORT. Listen, I’m 4’10 ½” – I know a thing or two about short. My point is get to the point. If you’ve a habit of writing novellas for emails, chances are people are tuned out before they even read the subject line. Be direct, short, hit the bullet points and move on. Your team will appreciate it, and they’ll be more likely to respond. Ask a question or request an action. People really do mostly want to be accommodating. By asking a question or requesting an action, they don’t have to GUESS as to what you want done! It’s perfect! Questions keep things conversational. They beg for a give and take – so they are excellent for eliciting a response.Be FABULOUS. You are a real person speaking to real people – just in written form. Let your personality shine through. Be personable. Say hello. Say please and thank you. Let your words be conversationally connective just as they would be if you were sitting at the same table. Emails don’t have to be boring. And they SHOULDN’T be if what you want, need, (or even crave) is attention.  Play with different subject line ideas, use people’s names, keep it short (or shorter), ask a question – and be your fabulous self! THAT’S how you get some AH-MAZING attention for your next email.I’d love to hear from you about what’s working for you at your Credit Union to get and give more attention. Catch up with me on Facebook or Twitter and connect! last_img

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