Play games Online With Hotties

first_imgces has never been as dense with booth babes as a show like, say, E3, but they’ve certainly been around for as long as I’ve been attending. In some cases, their presence just seems superfluous, having little or nothing to do with the actual product. And then there’s PlayWithMe.In fact of point, it would probably be ridiculous for PlayWithMe to not have booth babes. After all, the company’s tagline is “Play games With Hotties.” Yep. It’s an online service that lets you play games online against attractive women.One of said booth babes tried really hard to get me to play a game against one of the “hotties” (the line between the two is most likely fairly thin), but I told her that I had to go to, you know, do me job. She sent me away with a free play card inside, so I could “play in privacy.”Gross.last_img read more