Penandpaper Dungeons Dragons goes freetoplay

first_imgIn this day and age, just about every game with even a somewhat persistent online world has adopted a free-to-play pricing model. Of course, “free-to-play” generally means free to try — you can experience and progress through content for free, but either the bulk of it, or the more appealing parts of it, require some form of monetary exchange to experience. It appears that even tabletop games can’t avoid the power and appeal of a free-to-play model, and now pen-and-paper stalwart Dungeons & Dragons has hopped aboard.Since D&D is a pen-and-paper tabletop game, Wizards of the Coast can’t implement some sort of store that allows you to buy content á la carte. Instead, D&D will adopt that free-to-try model so many MMORPGs have implemented. When Wizards releases the starter set of the new edition of the game, it will make a PDF available for free that somewhat mimics what World of Warcraft does with its free-to-try levels. The PDF will include character creation, the first 20 levels, races (humans, halflings, dwarves, and elves), and occupations (clerics, rogues, fighters, and wizards).If you enjoy the experience, you can grab the rest of the materials — the Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s Guide — in order to advance beyond the boundaries set by the free PDF, as well as gain access to more character and monster options.AdChoices广告It’s funny how D&D is going to adopt the pricing model created by the very genre of games — MMOs — that it inspired. In all fairness, this is likely a savvy move for Wizards considering we’re currently living in the age of free-to-play graphical games that offer a less tedious and fully realized experience. It remains to be seen if a traditional pen-and-paper game that makes you do all of the computations that MMOs do for you can really compete in the current digital age. Going free-to-play at least means players no longer have an excuse not to give it a go — other than having to do math, at least.The fifth edition of D&D releases on July 15.last_img read more