Neymar returns to Paris for UCL, cup finals

first_imgRelatedPosts Neymar bags two-match ban Neymar risks seven-game ban, Gonzalez 10 Neymar, four others sent off as Marseille grab rare win at PSG Neymar has returned to Paris after three months in Brazil ahead of Paris Saint-Germain’s planned return to training on June 22.PSG were crowned French champions for the third successive season after the Ligue 1 campaign was cut short, but they are looking to prepare for two domestic cup finals and the potential return of the Champions League. Thomas Tuchel’s side qualified for the quarter-finals after beating Borussia Dortmund 3-2 on aggregate, with their 2-0 home victory on March 11 being one of the last top-level games played in Europe before lockdown.Neymar went home to Brazil four days after that game as lockdown restrictions were introduced in France.Now he has followed advice from PSG to return to France before June 15 in order to avoid a potential two-week quarantine.European countries could review their conditions for entering the country from that date.It has been widely reported that Brazil has now passed the United Kingdom to record the second-highest coronavirus death toll in the world, and arrivals from badly-hit countries are likely to face stricter restrictions if policy changes are made in France. PSG have a number of South American players in their ranks, many of whom returned home when lockdown began.Edinson Cavani, Keylor Navas and captain Thiago Silva are all expected to return to France before Tuesday, with Marquinhos having already done so.Despite the disappointment of the league campaign being curtailed, PSG are still hopeful of securing a historic quadruple this season.They are set to face Saint-Etienne in the Coupe de France final, as well as playing Lyon in the final of the Coupe de la Ligue.Neither match has a confirmed date at this point. Meanwhile, plans are still being put together to try and finish the Champions League.PSG qualified for the quarter-finals alongside RB Leipzig, Atletico Madrid and Atalanta.The remaining last-16 ties between Real Madrid and Manchester City, Chelsea and Bayern Munich, Lyon and Juventus as well as Napoli and Barcelona are all yet to be completed.Tags: Borussia DortmundLockdownNeymarParis St. GermainThomas Tuchellast_img read more

BYOD Security: Yes, It IS Possible To Have A Secure Bring Your Own Device Program

first_imgIT + Project Management: A Love Affair Securing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program means more than hoping endpoint authentication will keep out the bad guys.BYOD security is a big deal. In 2012, Intel surveyed 3,000 IT decision makers and 1,300 end users from Australia, Germany, South Korea and the United States to better understand their BYOD challenges. In three of the four countries, IT Managers considered a lack of security features the most important factor inhibiting device adoption. German IT managers ranked it second, after only government compliance. Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Lead image courtesy of Shutterstock. ReadWrite Sponsors Tags:#BYOD#BYOD Grows Up#cybersecurity#Intel#mobile#security center_img BYOD may be inevitable, but the security concerns around it are well-founded. Some of IT’s top BYOD security issues are beyond the ability of software-management tools to handle alone. These includeUnlicensed Software: Owner-installed applications on personal devices can violate enterprise license agreements, and others could compromise the integrity of your network.Unsecured Third-Party Connections: All smartphones and most tablets can connect to unsecured wireless networks, offering an unmonitored back channel.Malware: Devices can become infected outside the firewall through non-work usage.Rooted Devices: By gaining root access to mobile devices, users can bypass security restrictions and, in some cases, install rogue apps.Lost, Stolen, Or Damaged Devices: When devices disappear or go out of service unexpectedly, businesses can lose access to critical data. Furthermore, in addition to compromising local data, stolen devices can expose the entire network.Each device class and user type brings unique security challenges. To address them all, IT needs to leverage software and hardware solutions to lock down and manage devices while simultaneously securing the data itself. Here are three steps to help make the BYOD environment as secure as it can be.1: Educate EmployeesCurbing dangerous behavior is the first step toward reducing risk. Personal device management policies and procedures help reduce your company’s risk with very low cost and complexity. In a review of its own, internal BYOD program, Intel noted three types of employee education necessary to minimize risk:User Training: Training end users about the content and ramifications of the employee service agreement and sharing best practices for data protection inside and outside of the office.Security-Desk Training: Training the Help Desk to answer questions quickly, efficiently, and within the allowable legal scope created by the program.Developer Training: Training developers to build secure data access and storage into their application code.With its favorable cost-benefit ratio, education is low-hanging fruit. In the IT manager survey referenced earlier, managers from all four participating countries that had begun securing their BYOD systems had most commonly implemented device management rules and an employee code of conduct. Employee education is a rewarding place to start, but – based on the fact that security concerns persist – it is obviously not a standalone solution.2. Secure Your DataTomorrow’s devices could be completely different, future applications may handle data in entirely new ways and users will always find ways to use devices inappropriately. Future-proofing your network against the unknown requires a shift from protecting devices to protecting the data they use. Encrypting and backing up data is essential, but IT should also consider other, complementary methods of making sensitive information less accessible.One popular software-based security method gaining steam in BYOD environments is the Virtual Hosted Desktop (VHD). VHD (sometimes known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI) creates a complete desktop image that includes an operating system, all applications and settings. The hosted desktop can be accessed from any compatible machine, and processing and storage take place on a central server. With enough network bandwidth and powerful hardware, this type of virtualized environment can combine acceptable performance with high-levels of security.For high-security environments in which manageability and recovery trump everything else, it is often the default computing paradigm. But for most BYOD workers, VHD’s drawbacks usually outweigh its advantages. VHD cannot take full advantage of all the features of local hardware, and it performs poorly on marginal networks – a major issue for remote workers. Furthermore, the desktop paradigm may break down on non-PC devices, limiting the available audience. Containerization is way to address VHD’s issues by placing native applications inside a safe zone on a device. A virtual machine manager (VMM) abstracts the container from the client hardware, boosting performance and reducing server strain by allowing client-side execution – while still improving security by isolating the container from certain functions, such as wireless network connections, USB ports or device cameras. Some virtual containers contain an entire operating system and productivity application suite, while others are purpose-built, single-function virtual devices that provide services like compliance monitoring or highly secure applications.Example showing multiple containers on a single device.IT can create or purchase containerized applications for every platform, including smartphones, providing a much broader client base than VHD. Containerized applications also run at or close to the speed of fully native applications, and caching lets users continue working through network disruptions. However, containerization can compound development and administrative burdens, and since containerized apps require client-side storage, they are inherently less secure than fully virtualized solutions.3. Use Your Hardware Selecting the right subset of hardware to support will bolster software-based security measures while lowering management costs. For example, if a company chooses to support a variety of Intel-based devices, IT could implement a 100% Windows-based environment. This would reduce the cost of developing and securing applications for different platforms while allowing IT to leverage Windows’ existing security infrastructure, virtualization tools and anti-malware. And it would still allow employees a wide choice of devices to meet their individual needs.On an application level, properly chosen hardware can augment your management tools. Mobile Device Management (MDM) software can identify devices that are out of compliance, but it has limited reach into rooted, broken, hacked or otherwise compromised systems.Chipset-level security technologies like Intel VPro (found in 3rd-generation Intel Core processors) allow MDM to reach underneath a managed device’s operating system, performing remote wipes and pre-boot virus scans, regardless of the device’s status. By providing access below the operating system, VPro allows administrators to correct problems by loading software patches and virus definitions, and its integrated support for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) allows IT to use the devices themselves to authenticate users, removing the need for third-party software tokens or hardware-based authentication devices. Intel Anti-Theft technology extends security features such as remote, OS-independent device locking and unlocking to earlier processors, as well as newer, VPro-compatible chipsets.Finally, selecting the right hardware can make other software options more viable. For example, VHD’s biggest drawback is performance. Hardware that accelerates common virtualization tasks can mitigate that sluggishness, making the security of VHD more acceptable to users.Securing BYOD will always be a challenge, but with the right planning and proper device selection, IT can make users’ hardware work for the cause, rather than against it. Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Related Posts 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Nowlast_img read more

Editing Audio with the Essential Sound Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro

first_imgThe new Essential Sound panel simplifies the process of editing a soundtrack directly in Adobe Premiere Pro.Cover image via Shutterstock.Adobe’s new Essential Sound Panel is easy to use while also allowing advanced users to manually fine-tune effect settings. Here is an explanation of the panel that demonstrates how it will save editors considerable time getting a good audio mix.Set Your Project to the Audio Workspace and Open the Essential Sound PanelIf you don’t see the workspace options at the top of your screen, you can change your workspace by going to Window/Workspaces/Audio. You should see the Essential Sound panel on the right, but if you don’t, go to the Window menu and select Essential Sound.Organize the Audio in Your Sequence by TrackKeeping your audio organized with track labels is always a good idea, but it’s even more important in the Essential Sound Panel workflow. In this example I have dialogue, sound effects, music, and ambience. Notice that there is sometimes more than one track for each category.Assign Your Dialogue to an Audio TypeLasso all of the clips you would like to include in the Dialogue group. Notice that the Dialogue, Music, SFX, and Ambience buttons in the Essential Sound panel are now active. Click the Dialogue button to open the options for manipulating the dialogue effect controls.Begin Editing the Characteristics of Your ClipsSimilar to the Lumetri Color controls, there are various categories of effect controls that you can expand or collapse. In this instance, I would normalize the volume so I can quickly make all of the dialogue in the sequence conform to a unified standard. Click the Loudness heading to open the controls pertaining to volume. Click Auto-Match for the fastest results by letting Adobe Premiere quickly conform all the selected audio clips to a uniform level.Apply Any Additional EffectsHere, I would like to apply different effects for the two main actors in my scene. Highlight the group of clips you wish to affect, and apply the settings using the slider controls in the Essential Sound Panel. In this case, I will reduce the hum and the rumble in the Repair category by manipulating the sliders. Notice that you can toggle the Repair category on or off to compare the before and after results. After establishing the overall setting for all of your dialogue, click on the clip you wish to fine-tune, and open the Effect Controls window for access to individual controls for effects. Experiment with other options such as Clarity in the Dynamics category to further improve your audio.Auto-Match the Volume of Background AmbienceSelect all of your clips associated with the background ambience in your edit and assign them to the Ambience category by clicking the Ambience button in the Essential Sound panel. Click on the Auto-Match button to normalize the audio to a uniform rate.Improve Your Mix with Creative and Stereo WidthDepending on your clip, change the preset to something that describes the location of your scene. In my case, I will choose Room Ambience, and I will adjust the slider to achieve a more realistic sound for my office ambience clips.  Take it a step further by adding a Stereo Width effect to create the perception of a more dramatic stereo effect.Customize the Volume and Duration of Your TrackBy clicking on your music track and assigning it to the Music category in the Essential Sound panel, you can normalize the volume using the Auto-Match button and the background music preset. Additionally, you can customize the duration of the music track by opening the Duration menu in the Essential Sound panel. Either type in a new duration for your music clip or click and drag to increase or decrease the duration of the selected clip(s). After you hit play, your computer will briefly render the track to play at a new speed to fit the desired duration.Apply Room Sound or Other EffectsYou can assign all of your sound effects to the SFX category in the Essential Sound panel. Here you can change the loudness, add room sound or reverb, and pan the audio left or right.Save Your Settings in Adobe AuditionWith the timeline selected, go to the Edit menu and select Edit in Adobe Audition then select Sequence. The dialogue box defaults to preserving all of your edits, including any keyframes on clips such as volume and panning. Adobe Audition then automatically creates a multi-track session that contains all of the work you completed in Adobe Premiere Pro.Do you have any tips for the Essential Sound Panel? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more

Will follow HC directive on FIR in bank scam case, says Maharashtra CM

first_imgThe government will abide by Bombay High Court’s directive instructing the Mumbai Police to register an FIR against senior Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Ajit Pawar and others in the alleged Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank (MSCB) fraud case, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said on Friday.This comes a day after the high court directed the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Mumbai police to lodge a case against Mr. Pawar and more than 70 other persons within five days, contending there was “credible information” against them of having allegedly caused financial losses to the tune of ₹1,000 crore to the MSCB between 2007 and 2011.“The High Court has directed a case to be lodged within a specific time limit and one can be certain that we [the Maharashtra government] will honour the court’s orders,” said Mr. Fadnavis, speaking to reporters in Dhule during the course of the second leg of the BJP’s mahajanadesh yatra.Taking a dig at the opposition, he said: “Going by the overwhelming response to our mahajanadesh yatra, it is clear that people have faith in the good work being done at the Centre and the State… I find that in their bid to emulate us, other parties [read the NCP] too have come up with their respective rallies… best of luck to them.” Meanwhile, speaking in Parbhani during the NCP’s ongoing shivswarajya yatra, Mr. Pawar said while he had heard of the court’s directive, he was yet to receive any official document.“I have not attended any meetings of the MSCB for the past several years, but I would not like to comment more on the matter right now. I respect any decision taken by the High Court…I will consult my lawyer and then take any further step,” he said.In their order, Justices S.C. Dharmadhikari and Justice Sandeep Shinde had on Thursday observed that the police had not filed an FIR in the case despite a 2009-10 inspection report of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), and a charge sheet filed by a quasi- judicial inquiry commission under the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies (MCS) Act stating that the decisions and the actions of the accused, including Mr. Pawar, had caused financial losses to the the MSCB. A Mumbai-based resident, Surinder Arora, had first filed a complaint with the EOW in the case in 2015 and had later filed a criminal public interest litigation (PIL) in the Bombay HC, urging it to direct the police to file an FIR.Meanwhile, Mr. Pawar and other NCP leaders including Baramati MP Supriya Sule, hit out at the BJP saying several NCP and Congress leaders were switching sides fearing that probe agencies would be unleashed upon them by the ruling party.“There have been a number of ‘outgoing’ leaders from our party. However, they are doing so owing to the harassment of probe agencies. Why are notices being issued to opposition leaders like Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray just before Assembly polls,” said Mr. Pawar.She also wanted to know why the State was not taking action against sugar factories owned by ruling party leaders that had not yet paid FRP arrears to farmers.Addressing a rally at a Samwad Yatra in Ahmednagar, Ms. Sule defended her cousin (Ajit Pawar), stating that it was only after the BJP came to power that agencies like Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) were being freely used to stamp out all opposition.“This gross misuse of probe agencies is a new phenomenon…it seems that the ED and the CBI have come to define the new political culture in the State and the country. It is worth noting that opposition leaders are being harassed just before the Assembly polls,” she said, adding that though the NCP and the Congress were in power in the State and at the Centre for 15 years, they had never resorted to such “terrorising tactics” to quell the opposition.last_img read more

Federer looks to bond with Nadal, maybe face him at US Open

first_imgKEY BISCAYNE, FL – APRIL 02: Roger Federer of Switzerland (left) and Rafael Nadal of Spain (right) shake hands after Federer defeated Nadal in the men’s final match on day 14 of the Miami Open at Crandon Park Tennis Center on April 2, 2017 in Key Biscayne, Florida. Rob Foldy/Getty Images/AFPRoger Federer is as curious as tennis fans around the world to see if he will finally play against Rafael Nadal for the first time at the US Open.But even if not, the two career leaders in men’s Grand Slam titles will have the chance to bond as teammates and possibly even doubles partners later this month in a new Europe versus The World team event.ADVERTISEMENT Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ LATEST STORIES “I’m happy I’m still around. Rafa fought well through again today. I’m happy for him, too. We’ll see if it gets done or not. I’m curious to see myself.”Federer is having a banner season after some suspected he might never lift another Grand Slam trophy, taking the Wimbledon and Australian Open crowns.Nadal has done the same at age 31, winning his 15th Slam title by capturing his record 10th French Open crown.But the long-time rivals will team up on September 22-24 for the Laver Cup in Prague, a new three-day team event pitting Bjorn Borg’s European squad against a World lineup guided by John McEnroe.Federer and Nadal will work together alongside Austria’s Dominic Thiem, Czech Tomas Berdych, Germany’s Alexander Zverev and Croatia’s Marin Cilic.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. “Rafa, he has been such a wonderful champion and a good friend of mine on the tour, one of my big rivals for life, that it’s just nice to be able to spend some time with him and support him,” Federer said.Federer, who would be the oldest US Open champion in the Open Era (since 1967), was also excited about the chance to spend time with 61-year-old Swedish legend Borg, an 11-time Grand Slam champion who captain’s the European side.“For me to spend time with Bjorn, it’s quite rare,” Federer said. “He doesn’t spend so much time on the tour. When he shows up, it’s short. I feel every minute you get with him is a privilege.“Here we are, he’s going to be stuck with us. So it’s going, I think, to be very special for all of us, particularly me. I mean, I have incredible respect for him.”Federer said if he could turn back the clock and face one all-time icon from another era, it would be Borg in his prime, when he was winning six French Open and five Wimbledon crowns from 1974 to 1981.“If I could play one player ever going back, I feel like it would be Bjorn,” Federer said. “I feel he’s that incredibly good, for what he did for the game. If I look how he played, what he brought to it, it’s crazy.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next “Good for a change, yes, after all these years,” Federer said. “If I can help him, great. If he can help me, even better.”Federer rolled into the fourth round of the US Open on Saturday, extending his bid for a 20th career Grand Slam title by downing Spanish 31st seed Feliciano Lopez 6-3, 6-3, 7-5.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games openingThe 36-year-old Swiss third seed, seeking a record sixth title on New York hardcourts, could meet world number one Nadal in a Friday semi-final at Arthur Ashe Stadium in the one Slam where they have never played.“For many years Rafa and me, we’ve tried to play against each other here, and it just didn’t work out,” Federer said. “Now this week, I don’t feel necessarily the pressure’s there. Ex-NBA star Stoudemire won’t play for Jerusalem next season Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Gamescenter_img Robredo should’ve resigned as drug czar after lack of trust issue – Panelo Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes dies at 59 with wife by his side Trump signs bills in support of Hong Kong protesters NATO’s aging eye in the sky to get a last overhaul Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes dies at 59 with wife by his side MOST READ View commentslast_img read more

Clinical trial: India an easy target for foreign drug companies

first_imgIt is not just the inexpensive, world class medical facilities which attract foreigners to India. The country has emerged as a hotspot for foreign drug companies, which unhesitatingly flout all rules and regulations to test their products.This blatant violation of norms and ethics while conducting clinical trials is largely because of lax rules and absence of provisions for effective monitoring during each stage of the trial.According to an estimate, the value of clinical trials in India stood at Rs 1,500 crore in 2010 and can touch Rs 2,760 crore by 2012.All clinical trials, approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), must be noted in the Clinical Trial Registry of India, launched in 2007.However, the registry only gives information on the purpose of the trial, the number of people participating in the trial, the date on which it will start and end, and the places or sites where the trial will be conducted.”There is no mechanism to monitor clinical trials,” Dr C. M. Gulati, editor, Monthly Index of Medical Specialities, said.”After approval by the DCGI, a trial has to be approved by an ethics committee. But, there are no guidelines on who can set it up. This has resulted in random manipulations and inducements where approvals for clinical trials are being given for Rs 25,000 while sites for conducting the trials are being added in the registry by paying Rs 5,000 per site,” Gulati said.Though the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has framed guidelines on conducting clinical trials on humans, a draft bill on the guidelines is yet to be examined before it is tabled in Parliament.advertisementThere are a number of areas where rules are flouted while conducting a clinical trial.It all begins with the filing of the consent forms. There have been cases where the consent of the participant was not taken, or where the consent form has been filled by a person other than the participant, or where the forms have been filled incorrectly.In such cases, it becomes difficult to trace those who participated in the trial.Also, the testing of foreign drugs has become much easier in India after changes were made to the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules in 2005.Earlier, the rules required a “phase lag” in the testing of drugs. Thus, if Phase III study had been completed elsewhere, Phase II study was permitted in India.This was done to protect Indians from being used as guinea pigs in the testing of unproved drugs of foreign origin.With the change of rules, Phase II or III trial can be conducted concurrently, even if the drug has not undergone a Phase I or II trial in India.The change was ostensibly made in response to demands from multinational drug companies and private organisations that conduct clinical research.That these clinical trials often prove lethal can be gauged from the fact that there have been 1,514 deaths over the past 28 months.Laxity of norms governing these trials has resulted in gross injustice to the poor as the drug companies have accepted only 25 cases where death was caused because of the trial.Moreover, compensation has been given only in five cases, with the maximum amount being Rs 3 lakh.”There are lots of concerns on the ethical aspects of clinical trials. The proposed law will clear issues such as consent forms, post trial benefits and compensation to participants in case of adverse events. Though the current law talks of compensation, it does not specify the details,” Dr Vasantha Muthswamy, former senior director general of ICMR, said.”Clinical trials have now emerged as a business opportunity and lucrative way to make money for researchers,” Gulati said.For more news on India, click here.For more news on Business, click here.For more news on Movies, click here.For more news on Sports, click here.last_img read more

This is Galaxy S10e, Samsung will launch it with Galaxy S10 to take on iPhone XR

first_imgWe already know that Samsung is launching three S series phones this year. The phones are said to be Galaxy S10, S10+, and lastly, a toned down version of Galaxy S10. Rumours and leaks so far have suggested that the low-end S10 will be called Galaxy S10 Lite. But with the new report that hit the internet on Friday reveals that the phone will actually be called the Galaxy S10e and not S10 Lite. It is also for the first time that the Galaxy S10e or Galaxy S10 Lite has been leaked in a picture.Looks like Samsung is looking to take on the likes of Apple iPhone XR with the Liter version of the Galaxy S10 aka S10e. A new report coming from winfuture website gives us the first look of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S10e. By the looks of it the Samsung phone looks pretty similar to the renders of the S10 with slim bezels, punch hole display, but sadly this one has two cameras, of course because the Galaxy S10e is said to be “affordable” priced.Notably, although the Samsung Galaxy S10e looks almost like the Galaxy S10 there will be some differences (the phone will be low on specs) here and there with which the company will adjust the price of the phone. According to the new report, the Samsung Galaxy S10e will come with a significantly smaller display when compared to the S10. The phone will include a 5.8-inch display. Reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ will sport 6.1-inch and 6.4-inch display respectively.advertisementNotably, there are also some design changes on the S10e when compared to the S10 or the S10+. The Liter version of the upcoming S series comes with completely flat sides, unlike the S10 and S10+ which are said to sport rounded sides. Another major difference that we might see on the Samsung Galaxy S10e when compared to other two upcoming S series phones. The report suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S10e will not come with in-dispaly fingerprint sensor instead place it next to the lock button.The report further suggests that Samsung Galaxy S10e will come with a dedicated Bixby button which will sit next to the volume rocker. The phone will also come with a headphone jack. As far as the specs are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is expected to come 6 gigs of RAM, 128GB internal storage, two rear cameras, one single camera for selfies. Samsung is planning to launch the phone in three colours including Prism Black and Prism Green and Pearl White. Looks like Samsung is also planning to launch a Canary Yellow colour of the S10e. As for the pricing, the same report suggests that the phone could cost somewhere around 750, which is roughly around Rs 61,000.ALSO READ | Galaxy S10 will start from Rs 61,000, top variant with 12GB RAM will cost more than Rs 1 lakhALSO READ | Samsung Galaxy Fold foldable phone spotted in promo video ahead of launchALSO READ | Samsung Galaxy M20, Honor View 20, Nokia 8.1: Best phones to buy in Februarylast_img read more

A Statistical Appreciation Of Li Na

Li Na, the two-time Grand Slam champion who on Friday announced her retirement, was the greatest Asian tennis player of all time. She was much more than that, too: At her best, she was as dominant as any of her peers, and she kept improving as she got older.“I’ve succeeded on the global stage in a sport that a few years ago was in its infancy in China,” Li wrote on her Facebook page.Li, the first Asian-born man or woman to reach, let alone win, a Grand Slam singles final, is right. Heading into the 1999 U.S. Open, when Li was 17 years old and ranked outside the top 300, China could boast only 0.55 percent of ranked players on the WTA Tour and just 0.35 percent of all singles ranking points, according to data I compiled this month with the help of colleagues Paul Schreiber and Andrew Flowers.Heading into this year’s U.S. Open, which ended early this month, China had 3.5 percent of ranked players and 5 percent of singles ranking points. The rise of China as a women’s tennis power coincided with, but also surpassed, the rise of women’s tennis elsewhere in Asia. Li was a major part of that rise, but other Chinese players have accompanied her on the journey. Li sat out the U.S. Open with the knee injuries that are forcing her to retire, which meant she couldn’t defend her ranking points from reaching the semifinals last year. In her absence, Peng Shuai, the second-ranked Chinese woman, reached the semis, by far her best career result. (Peng withdrew, injured, from her semifinal match.)Even on a tour led by No. 1 Serena Williams, who is five months older than Li, Li stood out for her ability to keep improving. She took two years off from pro tennis starting in 2002, a period during which she began studies toward a journalism degree she earned in 2009. Li cracked the top 100 at age 22, the top 20 at age 24, the top 10 just before her 28th birthday and the top five at age 29.Although Li struggled with knee problems during her last years on tour, she also kept improving, fine-tuning her serve and net game while working with coach Carlos Rodriguez. Her ranking showed it: Li played nearly all of her last nine months as an active player at a career-high ranking, first reaching No. 3 last fall, then the No. 2 ranking early this year, after winning the Australian Open.At that Australian Open, Li — sometimes inconsistent during her career — reached total dominance. She won four sets by the most dominant possible score of 6-0, including two against Top 25 opponents in the fourth round and the final. Williams, a winner of 18 Grand Slam singles titles, won four bagel sets at the same major tournament just twice in her career. Among the stars Li bageled at Grand Slams were two Grand Slam champions and four other major finalists.Although she never reached the No. 1 ranking, Li’s bagel rate establishes just how good she was when she was dominant: really, really good. She averaged 18 bagel sets won for every 100 Grand Slam matches played, just behind Williams’s rate. Li is ahead of four of the eight other two-time Grand Slam winners over the past decade in bagels sets won per Grand Slam match. read more

What does TCIs subscription to the UNs Human Rights Convention and International

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, Providenciales, June 14th 2017: Mehul Solanki’s case of unfair, biased treatment at the Detention Centre is not the first of its kind for the TCI.  In this report, we take a look at the basic rights outlined for Detainees under the International Migration Law as set by the United Nations Human Rights Office of the Commissioner.According to the International Migration Law’s General Principles, “Detention must be ordered and approved by a judge and subject to automatic regular judicial review in each individual case”, and they must have access to legal counsel.Solanki claims that he had no opportunity at either a court hearing or a judgement.Its ‘specific rights and standards applicable to migrants in detention’ under Section III (1), says detainees must have the “Right to communicate with the outside world” and must have the “Right to human detention conditions and obligation to respect the inherent dignity of every human person”.Mehul Chandrakant Solanki back home in India and still very distraught and angry after his harrowing ordeal in the TCI at the hands of Immigration Officers at the Detention CentreSolanki says the center failed to live up to decent conditions, putting his health at risk on at least two occasions and his safety was compromised with theft of his belongings which were stolen despite reportedly being in the possession of Immigration authorities.The law adds that detainees have a right to be “Release on bail, bond or surety” under Section IV (3e). This type of measure requires the pledge of a sum of money in order to ensure the individual’s appearance at an official appointment or hearing, organized in the context of processing the case of a migrant by competent authorities.Section 6.3 adds that Long-term residents or migrants whose situation in the country becomes irregular and who are consequently subject to expulsion should not be detained.Solanki says he was resident in TCI for three years and had only gone to authorities to report a missing or stolen passport when he was detained.The law explains that it is “totally unacceptable that legal long-term immigrants who have been sentenced to expulsion are held in prison while awaiting expulsion.”In Mehul Solanki’s case, he had no travel documents and had to wait for them to be issued by his home country.  However, he claims this process was gravely slowed down by the detaining authorities here in Turks and Caicos.The Turks and Caicos as a British overseas territories is subject to all UN conventions. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp #MagneticMediaNews#TCIImmigrationDetentionCentre#UNInternationalMigrantLaw#MehulChandrakantSolankicenter_img Related Items:last_img read more