Twitter Protest Proves Japanese Monks Can Do Anything in Robes

first_img#僧衣でできるもん #StarWars改良衣ですが参加!動きやすくてとても便利です。— 祥山(声優) (@showzan331) January 2, 2019 お坊さんの衣は、動きやすいですよ。運転に支障がないですね。#僧衣でできるもん— マナップ (@manappuland) January 2, 2019 僧侶にとって僧衣というのはスーツのようなもので、「正装」です。僧衣にも色々な種類があり、略式のものから法要用の正式なものまであります。着ながら演奏もできます。#僧衣でできるもん— Yasuaki Fukuhara(福原 泰明) (@yasu_f18) January 2, 2019According to The Japan News, the unnamed monk who unwittingly launched this movement was on his way to a Buddhist memorial service in September when he was stopped by cops in Fukui, about 180 miles west of Tokyo.While local traffic regulations prohibit operating a vehicle in clothing that could affect safe driving, many monks drive in their robes—which typically fall below the knees—on a daily basis.This man in particular said he had driven in such attire for 20 years and never received a traffic violation, according to The Japan News, an English version of the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper.As of Dec. 29, he had not paid the fine or responded to a subsequent demand. Further refusal could result in a formal trial, which appears to be exactly what he wants.“I’d like to clearly state at a trial that I can drive safely in a monk robe,” he told Yomiuri Shimbun.The Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha sect, to which the man belongs, said the regulation is a “challenge to monk’s activities,” and is therefore unacceptable.More on Quits IWC to Resume Commercial WhalingJapanese Man Happily ‘Married’ to 16-Year-Old Hologram SingerAccording to Japan, Christopher Robin Has It Easycenter_img Anything you can do, Buddhist monks can do better—while wearing ritual robes.When police in Japan fined a monk ¥6,000 ($55) for driving in a kimono that could “affect safe driving,” the brotherhood banded together for a bizarre-yet-life-affirming Twitter protest.Armed with a hashtag that translates to “I can do it with monk’s clothes,” bhikkhus across the country posted clips of themselves juggling, playing drums, and sword fighting—without any interference from their traditional garb.One video shows a surprisingly springy monk perfectly sticking his landing after a series of somersaults. Another two highlight the fact that there is no right attire for the gym.The wide sleeves and long tails of customary robes are no obstacle even for a lightsaber-wielding monk.last_img read more